Celtra Creative Sessions Recap – July 2018

By Celtra

On Monday, July 16, 2018, Celtra’s Product Specialist team gathered 22 talented designers in Midtown Manhattan with a simple goal: A collective search for creative excellence. The day consisted of four main sessions including A Journey Through Best Practices, a Group Build demonstrating several powerful tools of Celtra’s CMP, a designer Builder Challenge, as well as a sneak peek at some of the most exciting New Features coming soon to the platform!

Delving more into the actual UX was really useful info!

In A Journey Through Best Practices we shared our industry secrets for creating successful and engaging creatives. From knowing your users to layout optimization to progressive disclosure, these tips can turn even the simplest creatives into engaging experiences.

Our two building sessions were amazing opportunities for us to connect directly with our community to help troubleshoot real world creative challenges and explore new opportunities. Beginning with a Group Build, our Product Specialists introduced features like Reactive Scrolling, Dynamic Content, Animations, and Universal formats. They showed practical examples of how they’re used, and the group built creatives incorporating those features.

Participants in the Builder Challenge had the chance to work one-on-one with our Product Specialists and get hands-on help with creatives they’re working on, ask for tips, collaborate on new and interesting ways to encourage user engagement and build out a quick creative using learnings from the day.

I loved the opportunity to get help with current projects. I learned a lot!

To cap off the day we detailed a few new features worth getting excited about. Check out the documentation links below for full details!


New Features

Shrink to Fit Texty Scaling
Creative Relevancy Specific Analytics
Brand New Animation Keyframe Easing
Animation Keyboard Shortcuts and Marquee Keyframe Selection
Locked Screen Aspect Ratio
New Code Editor


A few of the builder challenge entries:

Raisa from Cubocc
Sabit from Groundtruth
Team Adtheorent

We were excited to see all of the creativity on display at our first Creative Session, and look forward to hosting additional sessions in new cities around the world on a quest for creative excellence. Stay tuned for more information on a Creative Session near you!

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