Preparing Creative Production for the E-Com First Holidays

By Celtra

Illustration: David Krančan

After a couple years of holiday madness (and not the good kind) we are ready and rearing for a good ol’ festive season- pre-pandemic style. The proof is in the pudding- according to Deloitte’s annual holiday forecast, retail sales will see a 4% to 6% increase in 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. And that’s with the inflation monster coming over the hill- currently weighing in at 8.5%, with no signs of slimming down. However, according to Forbes, it’s not scaring consumers away from planning their holiday shopping. It simply means that 37% more shoppers plan to get an early start on their Christmas list compared to last year.  

With shoppers still likely to spend the same as they did last year, retailers are in a really competitive spot with strong incentives to offer big holiday deals and discounts. Which means… time to get your creative advertising hats on. 

Every Advertiser’s Holiday Challenge: The Content Gap

The holidays are a promising time for online retailers, especially D2C companies, but great opportunities rarely come without their own set of challenges. 

As brands start to rev up their creative advertising engines to battle it out for consumers’ attention, production resources and budgets have not grown to meet this demand. This means creative teams are expected to do more with less, which is what we call the Content Gap, – the void that leaves many advertisers feeling stretched thin. 

We commissioned a leading market research firm, Forrester Consulting to survey marketers on creative production. Here’s what they found:

  • 70% of advertising decision makers devote more time to content creation than they would prefer.
  • 80% admitted that their digital advertising strategy needed a creative technology re-haul to help them produce assets faster without sacrificing quality.

Why Creative Automation Tops the ‘Nice’ List This Year

Creative Automation is the antidote to your Content Gap dilemma. The new challenge will not only be to stand out, but to create enough volume and variety in different formats and approaches.

See how Celtra Creative Automation can help in-house creative teams eliminate the manual and repetitive production work, and turn the creative process into a well-tuned engine. 

  • Scale production: Expand your creative assets across multiple permutations of templates, designs, languages and sizes.
  • Speed to market: Get your campaigns to market with built-in reviews, approvals and distribution – and adapt your creative in real-time.
  • Creative excellence: Free up time to focus on creative experiences and long-term strategy, instead of mulling over basic templates.
  • Brand control: Stay true to your brand across regions, platforms and messaging, all on a single interface.

Contact us to get ahead of the competition and stay creative at scale, without breaking a sweat this holiday season.

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