Dynamic Video: In a Nutshell

By Celtra

There are a whole lot of benefits you can look forward to with our state-of-the-art Dynamic Video solution, but to give you a taste, we’ve whittled it down to a nutshell (and not the allergen type). In short, by adopting our solution, your team will have free reign over improved personalization, optimization, performance measurements, cross-channel consistency and last but certainly not least… game-changing production efficiencies. 

How it works

With Celtra’s Dynamic Video, you have full control over customization and personalization. This means you can tailor every video experience to your target audiences based on useful insights like demographics, location, browsing behavior and even purchase history. It provides comprehensive, customizable reports with granular, creative-level metrics so you can gather all the juicy details of your performance and optimize every placement.  Plus, with verification integrations from MOAT, DV, and Comscore, you can ensure that all your ad placements are safe and verified. 

The benefits

We know that personalization is a key component of any successful marketing campaign, but often it takes the most time. That’s why our super-efficient production tools offer time-saving hacks like templates, automation features, and content management systems that simplify the creation and management process. By plugging in data feeds, you can program creative to respond to your viewer’s dynamic environment, such as time of day, location, and weather, creating a truly personalized experience for everyone. 

And for the creatives out there- the choice is yours! Either compose video assets from scratch by adding sound and motion to images and text, or enhance existing video assets with visual overlays, graphic call-outs, and end-cards…it’s all to play for. Of course, we’ve also made our Dynamic Video totally adaptable to various channels and devices, ensuring consistent messaging across different touchpoints. You can rest assured that your video assets will be fully optimized for web, mobile, social media, and other platforms. This versatility not only makes life easier but helps to maintain brand consistency across multiple platforms! 

Ready to step up?

Our Dynamic Video solution is the answer to elevating and simplifying your production and workflow process for video. Get in touch with us or book a demo to see our solution in action- or read more about our solutions in a nutshell in our content hub. Eliminate complexity and amplify your reach with creative automation today! 

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