Overheard Celtra: Your digital advertising woes

By Christine Göös

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Overheard Instagram accounts have gained a massive following. Whether you live in New York, San Francisco, London, or numerous other cities, you can poke fun at local culture by reading real conversations in your area. In fact, Overheard even has accounts for Uber and Bumble. So isn’t it about time our industry had one? Lord knows digital advertising has a plethora of struggles. Why not put them on display?

We’re taking a cue from the viral series and addressing IRL examples of your daily digital advertising pains. We conjured up the following quotes based on conversations we’ve heard in the industry. While we can’t address every problem, Celtra can make digital advertising a whole lot easier by eliminating these all-too-common complaints. So take a look, see if they sound familiar.

Jim (Marketing Director): This is great! Can you create a version of this ad for all the audience types we talked about by the end of the week?

Creative Director: Damn it Jim, I’m a creative director, not a magician! You’re talking about 128 variations!


Marketer Director: I was told we need to reach a much wider audience with this next campaign.

Marketing Manager: How do they expect us to do that when they cut our budget by 20%??


Marketing Director: Can I see the new version of the ad creative?

New Marketing hire: Sure. (pulls up new version)

Marketing Director: Wait… (looks confused). Where are the changes? Didn’t you get the memo?

New Marketing hire: Yes, I did. All 3, one from the marketing manager, one from the media person, and one from the creative director. After several revisions, this is what we settled on.

Marketing Director: (shakes head and throws hands in the air) There’s gotta be a better way!


If you deal with any of these digital advertising woes, drop us a line, we can help. Send an email to marketing@celtra.com.

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