What Does Successful Product Management Look Like At Celtra?

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As a SaaS company, Celtra focuses a tremendous amount of energy on developing the perfect Creative Automation solutions for both brands and media. As expected, Celtra’s elaborate and intricate systems require meticulous planning and execution… which is where Ghazal Badiozamani comes in. 

Closing in on a year of Product Management at Celtra, we ask Ghazal to reflect on her experience thus far, and what successful product management looks like. From empowering her team members to becoming true leaders to testing breakthrough hypotheses and solving workflow problems, Ghazal’s first year has been nothing short of a whirlwind… one that demands creativity and imagination on all fronts. 


Q: Why Celtra? What challenges or factors brought you here?

When considering where to go for my next challenge, I asked myself two questions:

  1. Is the company well-positioned for growth?
  2. Would I enjoy working with the people?

Celtra hit both marks with flying colors. Not only do the products we have on the market solve problems that hold tremendous value to our customers, but as a result, we’re exponentially growing year over year. To top it all off, we’re also a team that genuinely enjoys working together. There is a kindness here at Celtra that I have not experienced anywhere else to the same extent, and that’s invaluable to me.


Q: You’ve been with Celtra for roughly a year – have you had any exciting or surprising “Aha!” moments?

My team surprises me on a weekly basis! We have incredibly talented people across all our teams – from product development to customer enablement and go-to-market – and I’m constantly learning from all of them. My main focus is empowering product leaders to take ownership of their work and their teams and to be proactive rather than reactive. In practice, this means I work very hard not to micromanage my team… I opt for letting people work through challenges on their own first and then offering help when they need it. One of my greatest joys is seeing people come into their own by becoming true leaders… individuals who are able to identify what needs to be done, articulate why, and make it happen. I love it when my team members surprise me with a meticulously thought-through plan before I even realize there is a need for one.


Oh, so many! We’re always testing new hypotheses. Right now, on the Creative Automation for Media side, we think publishers and media platforms will move away from individually designed ads and head toward increased use of ad products. We also suspect that they will eventually want to produce ads on their own systems- a hunch we’re in the process of validating within the market. Additionally, we believe there is huge potential in building capability to deliver video ads via OTT/CTV channels so we’re working hard to figure out how we can bring value to our customers for this use case. 

Q: What are the challenges you and your team are solving for this year?

On the Creative Automation for Brands side, we’re continuously thinking about how we can enable more capacity for designers. We are making a step-change improvement in our content scaling and production capabilities (especially for video), and just brought a new offering to market for delivery of dynamic product ads. So overall; lots to build, lots to solve, and as always, lots to learn!


Q: How would you describe product management at Celtra and its future growth/evolution? 

At Celtra our MO is to recruit people from all sorts of professional backgrounds. Some of our product managers come from engineering, some have design backgrounds, and others are learning to be product managers as their first real careers. With this spectrum of experience and perspective, we’ve built a solid team that compliments each other’s skill sets. More broadly, outside of Celtra, there is a continuous professionalization of the product management function. My short-term goal at Celtra is to bring this structure and way of working into our team more systematically so that we are growing our skills in line with our peers. As for the long term, my goal is to create product leaders who can think broadly about a problem and a market and dive deeply into the details to deliver solutions that drive unparalleled value. 

I want us to build products that make our users feel like they have superpowers. This requires a product team that can anticipate user needs before the user even realizes there is a need, which means we need deep knowledge and a proactive mindset. At the same time, building what does not yet exist anywhere else requires creativity and imagination – which means we need to open our minds. We’re getting there. 


Q: What would you say our customers say they love most (and least) about the product?

Our Creative Automation for Media customers love us for so many reasons. We provide them with easy-to-use solutions that enable their business models and offer a continuous fount of creativity from which they can derive inspiration. They love our product and they love how well we can understand and address their business’s critical needs. 

On the Creative Automation for Brands side, our customers are amazed by the scale. I love watching customers’ eyes light up as they start to imagine all that our solution can make possible. We can transform workflows to bring unparalleled efficiency. At the same time, we bring to life new ways of working and new marketing strategies that were not possible before.


If you’re interested in learning more about life at Celtra, check out this video or visit our Careers page today. 

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