Why a Modular Product Suite is a Must for Publishers in 2021

By Christine Göös

Matija Medved

This year has been anything but ordinary. From the pandemic to the upcoming death of the Cookie, 2020 has made it incredibly difficult for advertisers and publishers to plan ahead. With so much uncertainty, how can they even begin to prepare for 2021? Let’s take a look at this year’s highlights to find out.

61% of holiday shoppers prefer to shop online this season. E-commerce is on the rise, which means you should innovate your ad products around online shopping. Now is the time to experiment with a variety of shoppable formats and show your advertisers the value of your audience by making that conversion just a little bit easier. On top of that, we are getting ready to say goodbye to third-party Cookies. This means that publishers have a big chance to impress advertisers.. With their robust audience data, there are more opportunities to build a product suite that leverages what makes their inventory unique.

So what exactly does this mean for publishers in 2021?

The ones who can constantly innovate their offerings and adopt workflows that can test various combinations of creative will become the champions of the industry. That’s why publishers need to invest in modular ad product suites that make it easy for them to innovate and offer new ad products for advertisers. 


What Is a Modular Ad Product Suite? 

When we talk about modular ad product suites, we’re talking about innovating creative variety and optimizing the entire workflow. This mix-and-match design approach paired with reliable trafficking and robust analytics for benchmarking opens the door to a whole new world. In fact, centralizing production, trafficking, and analytics in one platform allows publishers to easily establish a manageable process for enhancing media, enabling ad product innovation with data-driven experiences. 


Innovative Production 

Production is not just about ad products, but ad experiences. Celtra’s Creative Enablement has UX-friendly formats combined with video, animation, and shoppable features that serve to enhance the ad experience overall. This is partnered with a painless, scalable production process through the use of design templates. Consistent design templates for ad products are crucial for production teams to quickly apply new advertiser content during each campaign launch. 


Efficient Trafficking

One of the most important features for publishers is reliable ad tags. It is paramount that ad products are trafficked quickly and correctly across popular ad servers, SSPs, and DSPs, in order to get campaigns out the door. With Creative Enablement, publishers can generate one tag that contains all ad sizes that are compatible across multiple screens. They can also make creative updates instantly without having to pause or re-traffic. 


Reliable Analytics 

Performance benchmarks are the key to telling a successful story for your media. Celtra for Media makes it easy to calculate benchmarks for ad products, so that publishers can consult their clients on how to meet their KPIs across their media. With real-time, robust reporting across industry-standard metrics and dimensions, tracking analytics has never been easier. 

Create, traffic, and track all from one centralized platform. Celtra for Media is an award-winning solution for the design, formats, delivery, and reporting of video and display ad products. . If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us today.

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