Why You Need Creative Automation in 2023

By Celtra

Tereza Prepadnik

What are your new year’s resolutions? At Celtra, our resolution this year is the same as every year. Stay creative.

Creativity means different things across the spectrum of marketing channels and expertise but at Celtra, creativity is how we tackle problem-solving, and Creative Automation is the tool we use to do it. Our mission is to make the process of fully scaling content across all creative touch points easier for marketers and creatives alike. By introducing automation into your creative production workflows you’re able to clear more space for impactful business activity, like personalization, creative testing, and faster production times. This year we’ve got a couple of aces on the table that can do just that. Give your audiences the curated touch-points they deserve while mitigating workflow challenges with Celtra.

Templates for personalized ad experiences

Last year, we saw a huge increase in attention to personalized ad experiences, resulting in a rise in audience expectations for curated ads. Customers and users are seemingly dictating the industry trends and emerging channels, often leaving both marketers and creatives scrambling to keep up with customer expectations. In the end, being able to deliver more curated, personalized and thoughtful creative across the funnel is the only way to stay ahead of your competition.

Celtra’s creative automation software lets you produce multiple templates for always-on creative testing to find a winning combination of messaging, design, and products that stand out against the competition. Your marketing team can apply different templates to product images based on different conditions and criteria, making it all the more easier to show creatives in campaigns that are even more relevant to your goals and audience targeting efforts… It also means loyalty marketing (e.g. birthday offers, members-only promotions, discounts, and new collections) are that much easier to personalize and scale.

Water-tight creative production workflow tools

Creating assets that resonate with your target audiences from a visual, messaging, and personalization standpoint requires synchronization and a water-tight workflow. Take a company like Spotify for example- spread across 92 global regions with multiple product offerings. However, it demands synchronicity from a branding and messaging standpoint, since creative needs are amplified by default. Localizing assets means designers must tackle variations in content as they apply different headlines, CTAs, or languages. They need to manually make sure that the content fits and the design stays intact. Throw in a remote-first work set-up, and you’ll quickly see why the right creative production tools, like Creative Automation for Dynamic Product Ads, are paramount.

Celtra solutions allow you to create and execute the volume and variety of assets that account for different customer preferences, regional offers, and personalized messaging in every format and channel imaginable. You can leverage your brand equity from all four corners of the globe while maintaining a perfectly curated brand identity. What’s more, this all happens in the cloud, in real-time, meaning your creative team can write feedback and approve designs all in one place.

Creative Automation for Designers

The purpose of Celtra’s creative automation software technology is to help you be more efficient and reduce menial tasks. That’s why we’ve been working on giving designers more creative control with features like Auto-Cropping, Auto-Layout, Auto-Sizes, and Automated Text Treatment, which allows them to cut out manual tasks. Watch our Auto-Cropping explainer video to give you a little taste:

In addition, the feed works as a central content repository. This means that once your creative team has finished designing the templates needed for testing, acquisition and retargeting, the performance marketers can generate the variants they want for campaign refreshes or updates, and presto! This kind of time-saving efficiency allows for more time to focus on big ideas, strategic thinking and brand guardianship. With such foolproof access to your feed, you can easily ensure that all your creatives meet the quality mark and look consistent across the funnel.

If you think your company is ready to introduce automation into its creative production workflows, get in touch or book a demo here.

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