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Celtra for Apparel

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E-Commerce Growth Relies on Creative

From always-on acquisition campaigns to seasonal promotions, retargeting, and mid-campaign refreshes, apparel marketing needs high volumes of creative assets to support performance and drive revenue.

Manual production can’t keep up with the demand. It’s expensive to outsource high volume ecommerce creative production or to hire more people to the team.

Give your brand creative scale and variety that never sacrifices on brand equity. It’s time to consider Creative Automation.


Apparel Marketers Need Automation


Of shoppers are more likely to be loyal to a brand with consistent branding


Of shoppers want to see more creative variety in advertising

Creative Software for
Brand, Performance,
and Personalization

As an apparel marketer, you need to drive traffic and revenue for your business. So what makes a shopper stop and shop while they’re online? Standout creative.

With Celtra Creative Automation, apparel brands can produce all the creative you need to:

  • Create fresh, on-brand assets for performance campaigns
  • Produce all the creative needed for successful personalization
  • Turn product catalogs, video, and marketing content into ads that are automatically scaled to fit any media plan or channel
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I am excited about the time and resources Celtra has saved us as well as the scale of assets that we’ve been able to achieve. We’re now able to plan our content and creative testing roadmap much farther in advance.


Tasnim Khan Performance Marketing Manager, Social at Shopify

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