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Creative Volume Is Your Performance Lever

Internet companies need to produce extensive amounts of innovative and engaging campaigns for every audience to support performance and drive revenue. 

Manual production can’t keep up with the increasing content demands that internet companies face. Traditional production workflows are slow and increase the error and inconsistencies within these marketing organizations.

Give your brand creative scale and variety that never sacrifices on brand equity. It’s time to consider Creative Automation.


You Need Automation to Break Through


Of shoppers want to see more creative variety in advertising


Of marketers spend more time creating digital creative than they’d like

Creative Software for
Internet Companies

Marketing for internet companies moves at the speed of insight for creative content to meet performance goals and business growth. 

How can these organizations make creative production more efficient without compromising on design quality or exceeding budgets? With Celtra, internet companies can produce all the content they need from one centralized platform:    

  • Create templates with multiple designs and layouts for different performance campaigns 
  • Enable continuous creative testing and scale designs across formats, sizes & channels 
  • Produce personalized creative for every unique audience 
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By introducing creative production automation to our workflows, Spotify has been able to produce and launch four times more content with twice as fast production cycles with our global summer campaign. This kind of scale would not be feasible with manual creation.


Veda Partalo VP, Premium Brand and Marketing, Spotify

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