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Turn to automation to produce and distribute multi-campaign creative across promotions, new menu item launches, digital order user acquisition, and loyalty campaigns.

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QSR Runs on High Volumes of Unique Campaigns

As a quick-serve restaurant marketer, you’re running dozens of unique campaigns concurrently or empowering local franchises to do so in their region. From new menu items to seasonal or regional promotions, each campaign needs its own look and feel.

Manual production can’t keep up with the demand and increases error and inconsistencies in a QSR marketing organization.

Give your restaurants a way to drive traffic and orders through creative that is on-brand and adapts across any campaign type. It’s time to consider Creative Automation.


QSR Marketing Needs Automation


Of marketers spend more time creating digital creative than they’d like


Of shoppers are more likely to be loyal to a brand with consistent branding

Creative Software for Quick-Serve Restaurants

Celtra helps QSRs empower cross-franchise collaboration and creative consistency through flexible toolkits that allow for localization and personalization.

With weekly offers, new product launches, loyalty marketing, and always-on app acquisition, the volume of creative templates for unique campaigns is easily managed with Creative Automation. With the software, QSR brands access a single centralized platform for collaboration:

  • Create templates with multiple designs and layouts
 for different campaigns and promos
  • Scale your designs across formats, sizes & channels

  • Quickly launch promotions and new menu items to drive traffic and orders
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We touch 2.5 billion consumers everyday, we operate in 180 markets. And we need a player like Celtra to allow us to have one place for creative consistency for all of our brands.


Luis Di Como Global Head of Media, Unilever

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