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Preparing Creative Production for the E-Com First Holidays

We might be in the middle of a pandemic but that doesn’t mean people aren’t celebrating the holidays this year. The holiday shopping season is the last chance of the year for brands to swoop up sales and boost their bottom line, especially after the Q2 dip in spending. l. Spending patterns indicate a big one for e-commerce this year – last year, total US holiday retail sales exceeded $1 Trillion, which marked the first-ever trillion dollar holiday season, and e-com growth eclipsed physical retail locations five-fold

Skeptics might not be fully convinced by these figures, but customer behavior indicates otherwise. The pandemic has accelerated e-commerce usage, and brick and mortar stands to suffer. We recently ran a holiday webinar and through our research, discovered that over half of shoppers have visited fewer physical retail stores, and actual online spend in May alone of this year outperformed average holiday spending.


Every Advertiser’s Holiday Challenge: The Content Gap

This is especially promising for online retailers, especially D2C companies, but great opportunity isn’t without its own set of challenges. 

As brands start to rev up their creative advertising engines to battle it out for consumers’ attention, production resources and budgets have not grown to meet the demand and creative teams are expected to do more with less. This dilemma is what we coin the Content Gap, and many advertisers are feeling stretched thin. 

We commissioned leading market research firm, Forrester Consulting to survey marketers on creative production, and found that:

  • 70% of advertising decision makers devote more time to content creation than they would prefer.
  • 80% admitted that their digital advertising strategy needed a creative technology re-haul to help them produce assets faster without sacrificing quality.


Why Creative Automation Tops the ‘Nice’ List This Year

Creative Automation is the antidote to the Content Gap dilemma. Think about it – advertisers are flocking online in droves. Most TVC production houses and movie theaters are either closed or operating with limited capacity, and OOH advertising has lost much of its reach. The new challenge will not only be to stand out, but to create enough volume and variety in different formats and approaches. With Creative Automation  software, in-house creative teams can eliminate the manual and repetitive production work, turning your creative process into a well-tuned engine:

  • Scale production: Expand your creative assets across multiple permutations of templates, designs, languages and sizes.
  • Speed to market: Get your campaigns to market with built-in reviews, approvals and distribution – and adapt your creative in real-time.
  • Creative excellence: Free up time to focus on creative experiences and long-term strategy, instead of mulling over basic templates.
  • Brand control: Stay true to your brand across regions, platforms and messaging, all on a single interface.

What does this look like in practice? Join our virtual Holiday Event on 09/22 at 12 PM ET to learn more!