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Why Should You Listen to BRAND-SIDE?

The best brands in the world have a hidden secret: in-house agency teams. These unsung heroes work behind the scenes to create amazing work but often don't get a lot of recognition. It's usually the external agencies that receive all the accolades.

But times are changing. Agency talent is starting to move in-house. And in-house teams are growing in talent and capacity. It's an exciting time.

So we thought, what if we started a podcast highlighting the stories of all of the in-house creatives out there? Enter, BRAND-SIDE. A series of interviews with marketing, operations, and design leaders from the world’s best brands.

We'll be sharing what life is like in-house vs agency-side, how big creative ideas come to life, how data and creative teams work together in-house, and how to lead and nurture creative teams.

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