Streaming the Future with Roku’s Kimberly Charles

Listen to “Streaming the Future with Roku’s Kimberly Charles” on Spreaker.

The entire tech world moves at a breathtaking pace, but streaming services in particular have had some major changes these past years. Working in Media Tech can make your head spin, but Kimberly Charles, Director, Head of Client Services at Roku, is a joyful conduit of optimization. She stopped by to share her perspective on the industry over the past ten years, what you need to know (and not) in client services and yes, buzzwords… so many buzzwords.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Trends in the video ad tech space- what is having the most impact?
  • What you need to be fluent in for an industry that is ever-changing- and where going deep doesn’t necessarily equate to better sales
  • Being a people manager for a sizeable team during a time of flux in the industry and the world

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