Creative, bold, original
Creative, bold, original

Join Team Celtra.

We’re searching for innovative thinkers to collaborate and grow in the creative technology space.

There is no blueprint for what we’re trying to accomplish. We give our team members the autonomy to try new things and achieve their goals. At Celtra you’ll have the resources and support you need to advance your career and industry knowledge.

Come join us to collaborate on ambitious projects in an inspirational and fun work environment. A trailblazing, fast-growing company with an incredibly talented team are just a few reasons why you’ll love it here.

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We support a “work where you want” approach – whether that’s a home office, on the road, or one of our hubs in NYC, London, Ljubljana, or Singapore.


Thinking outside the box is just the beginning. At Celtra, we create thoughtful, cutting-edge products and foster a creative culture where innovation can thrive.


We are Team Celtra. That means working towards winning as team players through partnership and trust every single day.


Our teams act with honesty, focus, and drive. We maintain relentless motivation and when we see a challenge, we find a creative solution.


Seek, own, and share what works and what doesn’t. We’re open-minded and we value fearless exploration, discussion, and learning.


Our mission is to empower creativity, but we can’t do that without different perspectives. Diversity drives innovation and Celtra is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Customer Success at Celtra

“Celtra’s remote first policy has completely revolutionized my work-life balance, allowing me to get back all those commuting hours, which I now get to spend at home with my family. This flexibility also enables me to manage my schedule better, and work with different teams in different time zones. I am more present at home, while also more proactive and focused at work!”

Julio Carmine Vasquez Solutions Consultant Director
@ Celtra since Sep 2012

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Ajda Rotar Urankar

Product Management at Celtra

“I actually joined Celtra as a designer, switched to product marketing, and went into product - still as a designer. I found later on that my interests are in Product Management, and Celtra really allowed me to build myself into that role. Celtra doesn’t bucket you, you can really do what you want and excel.”

Ajda Rotar Urankar Lead Product Manager
@ Celtra since Sep 2012

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Engineering at Celtra

“My best advice for anyone new to Celtra is to be curious, ask questions, and learn rapidly. There’s so many talented and knowledgeable people at Celtra, take advantage of it! ”

Matic Tribuson Senior Director of Engineering
@ Celtra since Nov 2014

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Customer Success at Celtra

“Celtra prioritizes learning and development for the Customer Success team with numerous internal and external programs, like Success Hacker. The shared knowledge across the entire CS org not only helps sharpen my own skills, but also creates a fantastic team to collaborate with.”

Alex Griffiths Customer Success Director
@ Celtra since Feb 2020

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Kelsea Hanks

Sales Operations at Celtra

“I joined because it was immediately clear, even over virtual interviews, that this company was just as curious about me as a person as they were about my skills as a potential employee. That deep investment into company culture shines through every day working at Celtra. ”

Kelsea Hanks Sales Operations Specialist
@ Celtra since Mar 2021

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What does remote-first really mean?


We support a “work where you want” approach. Are you based in New York but considering a move to Florida? That’s fine by us.

Lead with trust

We hire the best and give them the space to innovate. At Celtra, success is measured by output, not hours logged.

Global collaboration

With employees across EMEA, APAC, and the States, you get to tap into intellect and ideas from every corner of the world.

Drive connection

We value connecting both virtually and face-to-face, which is why we host quarterly, regional events for teams to bond in person.

Ready to join us?

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