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Scale Your Creative and Amplify Your Impact

Launch your digital campaigns faster across all your market, channel and personalization needs. Boost your testing and optimization efforts to pinpoint the most effective content.

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Increase flexibility with modular design

Centralized modular design reduces duplication of work across teams and makes adaptations across messaging, imagery & visuals easier than ever.

  • With the separation of content and design, marketers can create new versions on the fly, while keeping designs intact.
  • Ensure brand consistency across all creatives with brand-approved toolkits and optional template locking.

Automate creative production

As your business grows, so does the demand for content. Creative Automation helps you keep up by empowering you to do more with the resources you already have.

  • Increase speed to market by letting automation and AI scale up content changes, image and video creatives across formats, sizes & channels.
  • Cut out manual processes by automating tedious design, content and distribution tasks.

Unify workflows across teams and channels

Streamline your digital campaign production process across marketing, creative and media teams with a single-point, cloud-based platform.

  • Consolidate all phases of campaign execution: production, review & approval, and distribution within our end-to-end solution.
  • Easily organize and discover campaigns & creatives, ensuring transparency and alignment across all teams within your organization.

Trusted by Enterprise Players

“Celtra is Unilever’s global partner for Creative Automation. Moving from manual processes with fixed design to modular and automated digital creative production has made our workflow faster, our digital creative more effective whilst also driving cost-savings across the company.”

Nathan Cook
Global Director of Brand Communications Excellence, Unilever

Boost Marketing Efforts With Creative Automation

Global hand-off
Content adaptation

Keep branding cohesive across all global markets

The challenge with large cross-functional teams (across departments, agencies and localities) lies in the constant exchange of files and hand-offs, increasing the risk of slip ups and inconsistencies.


Our centralized brand-approved templates increase toolkit reusability and production transparency. With brand guards in place, you can focus on campaign reach and impact rather than worrying about asset layout.

Typically customers see

  • 45% cost reduction
  • 5x faster time
    to market

Get to market 3x faster with flexible edits

When there are pivots in messaging, the domino effect means delays to market, which could affect your entire campaign scope and relevance.


Non-creative teams access and self-serve versions without impacting locked creative layouts. With side-by-side design and content management, you can reiterate, edit and personalize on the fly.

Typically customers see

  • 3x faster
  • 70% increased
    creative volume
  • 3x reduced

Streamline your localization efforts

When localization efforts span multiple markets, audiences, and regions, low-value production tasks are magnified tenfold by the slightest creative customization.


Leverage Celtra’s creative automation software to eliminate redundant design tasks on a large scale, reduce production costs and free up more time to focus on creative strategy.

Typically customers see

  • 4x shorter
    production cycle
  • 4x increased
    creative volume
  • 30% reduced creative
    review effort

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From success, technical, and creative services, our team experts have helped Celtra’s customers implement creative automation and elevate production efficiencies across their teams.

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