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Get the most out of your investment with the help of our professional services.

Success Management

Your Creative Automation
Success Guaranteed

We use data insights to inform everything we do, with a relentless focus on creative performance improvements for your campaigns.

Our Customer Success Management team is responsible for understanding your business, and will guide you on the way to achieving your transformation goals with Celtra. Assigned success managers act as consultants to Celtra users, helping them unlock their full workflow potential.

Together, we can drive positive change to meet your business objectives!

Creative Services

Setup for Creative Success With
Creative Automation Best Practices

A seasoned, industry-trusted Celtra creative team will help you adopt creative automation best practices with the Celtra solutions of your choice in no time.

Our brand-centric design and creative production services powered by Celtra creative automation are crafted to enable any use case, media strategy, or marketing objectives of your paid media campaigns or ad inventory.

Celtra’s Most Prominent Customers Trust Celtra Creative Services

For Media Owners and Operators →


Join the most successful media companies like NBCU, Bloomberg, and many others that complement the self-use of Celtra Creative Enablement solution with specialized creative services to elevate their rich media and video inventory potential with bespoke or templatized production.

Celtra Solution: Celtra Creative Enablement →

For Advertisers  →

Celtra offers a spectrum of purpose-built creative automation solutions for brand marketing and creative teams. Our creative services offering is designed to complement these solutions in a way that you can maximize their potential and take your marketing or creative strategy to a whole new level.

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Ad Scaling

Get high-volume cross-channel campaigns out the door in no time.

From campaign-specific ad scaling or scaling-ready single or multi-purpose reusable modular templates, we’ve got you covered.

Celtra Solution: Celtra Creative Automation →

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Dynamic Product
Ads Enrichment

Discover how your existing product catalog can be elevated into high-performing enriched product ads with Celtra’s creative automation for Dynamic Product Ads.

Celtra Solution: Celtra Dynamic Product Ads →

Consulting Services

Turn Your Team Into Creative Automation Masters

Toolkits play an essential part in successful production workflows, so we’ve used our knowledge on modular design processes to streamline your Celtra training.

We offer a range of training services to turn your Celtra users into experts. Our Solution Consultants combine production and product champion change management through onboarding and training.

Alicia Stewart

“I highly recommend Celtra’s onboarding service – among the best onboarding we’ve seen from a vendor. Organized, responsive, in-depth – it was a very positive experience.”

Alicia Stewart
Production Manager, Leverage Lab

See how we help to implement our platform into your workflows

Train the Trainer

We’ll help you establish Celtra experts on your team through prescriptive training and materials. Your Celtra experts will be able to confidently lead training and onboarding within your organization for your own unique work processes.

Celtra Best Practices

Consultative partnership that focuses on the review, recommendation, and prescription of best practices using Celtra.

Custom Training

Our Solutions Engineer tailors training modules to your organization’s specific use cases and custom workflows.

Celtra Certification

This self-paced training module and certificate provides industry-recognized expertise for your career as an expert in creative automation.

Technical Services

We Think Tech, So You Don’t Have To

Let us help you integrate our platform into your existing ecosystems. Our Technical Support team is your one-stop shop for all technical and product-related questions.

Custom Celtra API Integration

Consultancy services to provide solution architecture, best practices, and guidance on implementing Celtra workflows and APIs in wider Martech system integrations.

Custom Celtra Data Analytics

Service that provides a technical and consultancy resource that partners with clients to analyze and share data with our Power BI analytical tool, and to integrate with our data platform for custom requests that are not part of API Integration.

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