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Ignite Performance With Enriched Product Ads

Optimize e-commerce ads’ engagement, reach and ROAS with custom DPA templates and feed-powered personalization

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*Results may vary across brands, markets, and channels.
*Results may vary across brands, markets, and channels.

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Templates Go beyond the standard packshot

Tailor DPA designs to fully show off your brand with the robust template designer. Lock in branding, not your creative potential.

  • Intuitive template design interface Bring in brand elements through customizable layers. Apply designs, fonts, and brand marks to e-commerce product images.
  • Efficiently produce variety for an entire catalog Produce template variations to optimize for product-relevant content and promotions.

Increase personalization with feed data

Connect product catalogs to Celtra and leverage product data to personalize creatives.

  • Bring in product data into template layers Add product variables like description, price, and essential information to enhance content.
  • Scale up relevance with conditional templates Automatically apply template variations based on product data to showcase the most relevant product content.
  • Promote urgency to drive traffic Incorporate visual elements that attract attention to promotional messaging, new products and discounts based on inventory in catalogs.

Incorporate video into your DPA strategy

Take video across the entire funnel and drive a 32% increase in performance with product-level videos on Meta.

  • Video for efficient customer acquisition Deliver inspirational videos with dynamic storytelling and enhance product discovery across broad audiences.
  • Self-serve platform for fully automated production Easily & efficiently scale robust video creative, with built-in presets for easy activation.
  • End-to-end workflow Design, produce and review all your video and image DPAs in one place, regardless of the size of your catalog.

Sizes Accelerate learnings and results

Test, apply, and retest design strategies to uncover winning designs, creative elements, and messaging without missing a beat in the market.

  • Iterate and immediately refresh creatives Adjust designs, tweak content, and go-live with design changes and achieve greater performance.
  • Change and adapt with seasons With efficient production on your side, be ready to design swiftly and launch new templates with each promotional season or sales event.

Celtra Also Supports Travel Ads

Boost the performance of your Facebook travel ads and Snapchat’s dynamic ads for travel using Celtra’s self-serve platform.

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