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Media owners and operators need differentiation and creative excellence. Celtra’s Creative Automation for Media and Monetization is the best-in-class platform for the design of ad product portfolios, and the production, delivery, and reporting of programmatic and direct sold media.

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Celtra Creative Automation for Media covers the entire lifecycle of designing ad products, launching campaigns, and tracking performance. This easy-to-use software provides a comprehensive solution for combining custom advertising offerings with your unique data, audiences, and inventory to increase monetization.



Use the powerful, code-free Ad Builder to create eye-catching, cross-screen ad experiences.

  • Consistent, reusable templates with animation, video, and e-commerce features
  • Premium, dynamic experiences enriched with your 1st party data or off-the-shelf relevancy signals
  • Always-on, publicly accessible preview links for your clients
Creative Enablement


Create tags and traffic across your entire ad product suite with ad-server agnostic tag generator.

  • A single tag that contains all ad sizes, compatible across multiple screens
  • Out-of-the-box verification integrations (MOAT, DV, Comscore)
  • Real-time updates without the need to pause or re-traffic


Self-serve access to real-time, robust reporting with 100+ industry-standard metrics and dimensions.

  • Customizable views for performance benchmarking of ad products
  • Publicly shareable report links that can be scheduled for delivery

Join publishers and platforms that use Celtra Creative Automation for Media to create their own advertising solutions and drive ad product innovation with rich, data-driven experiences.


Ad Product Innovation

Build a suite of original, UX friendly ad products designed for engagement.

Celtra Creative Automation for Media lets you use images, motion graphics, video, and shoppable features while leveraging the best, advanced formats– including Interscrollers, Miniscrollers, and Expandables. Differentiate your inventory to win hearts while performing with top KPIs to win minds.


Creativity Features

Industry-leading ad builder has everything you need to build high-impact ad units.

Customize the look and feel of your ad products with drag & drop animated effects and motion graphics, engaging interactive experiences (shoppable video, product galleries), and a sophisticated video editor (crop video, add text, and graphic overlays).


Efficient Production Process

Drive production efficiency with top-down management of your entire ad product suite.

Consistent, reusable creative experiences feature real-time updates and can be easily shared with clients via customizable preview links. Ad products are simply configured for trafficking via the ad-server agnostic tag generator which outputs one single tag that runs across multiple screens.


Data Activation

Make your portfolio more valuable to advertisers with relevant, timely, and personalized creative experiences.

Bundle your ad products with 1st and 3rd party data, using off-the-shelf contextual signals like Time and Weather, or custom signals from 1st party data and feeds.

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With Creative Automation for Media, you get the tools you need to meet the demand for innovative, high-quality advertising solutions that make every impression valuable.

As demand increased from Fortune 500 advertisers who were looking to get in front of VICE’s unique audiences, a proprietary advertising solution was developed in order to boost performance of their content as it ran adjacent to VICE’s editorial. With Celtra, VICE was able to execute on their vision of a unified, global ad product suite across all properties and markets.

By centralizing production and trafficking of cross-device ad products, the quality of the creative itself was improved, driving further ad product innovation in combination with VICE’s premium editorial content.

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