4 Minutes for 4 Questions with Raushida Vasaiwala

By Christine Göös

4 minutes 4 questions raushida

Raushida Vasaiwala was on the line to answer 4 questions in 4 minutes providing a look in the past and future.

1. What do you like most about working in the creative ad tech industry?

I’m a connoisseur of art and passionate about technology. Creative adtech marries the two and solves challenges, while offering a tremendous opportunity for marketers to offer a better brand and consumer experience. It’s critical for brands to not only make a good first impression, but to develop a long-lasting relationship with their customers. Creative ad tech helps them do just that.

2. What can brands expect from Celtra in 2019?

Efficiency – The most critical but highly underestimated part of a tech platform is efficiency. In 2019, Celtra will empower its users with multiple tools like plugins, feeds, font management to build personalized creatives at scale and at a speed that will drastically reduce the time taken for campaigns to go live. In addition to this, we’re also working on a hassle-free and time saving creative approval process that’ll make workflow seamless across the board.

3. Have you noticed any trends this past year that you think will shape the way brands approach digital advertising in 2019?

The single largest approach that brands have will seek in 2019 will be transparency.

  • Transparency of pricing, on different elements of media, technology, and data.
  • Transparency of media delivery- if the ad is 100% in view, who’s viewing and in what environment (brand-safe, right context, right audience, etc).
  • Transparency on reporting: Placement and publisher level reporting and optimization across ad exchanges, PMPs or Programmatic guaranteed.

Ad Blocking is another issue that brands need to tackle more seriously in 2019. Given that consumers are averse to interruptive and creepy ads, more and more marketers will move towards ads that are relevant, personalized creating better consumer and brand experiences.

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is on the rise and marketers are adopting tools for building creatives that are aligned with the data and media strategy. As scale continues to remain a challenge, brands are looking for delivery of personalized ads that are programmatically available to achieve scale.

4. What is your biggest learning from 2018 that will inform your work in the future?

Data breaches that are becoming more prevalent marketers need to opt for tools that allow for both hyper-personalization and segment-based personalization to ensure maximum consumer retention.

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