5 Signs You Need a Creative Production Software

By Celtra

More is expected of designers than ever before. Consumers are expecting inspiring, personal, and relevant experiences. The complexity is growing, yet the budgets remain flat, resulting in subpar experiences and declining performance. Brands with any level of in-house production are struggling to satisfy these content demands.

Rather than reassessing the quality or quantity of current talent, consider a solution which makes everyone’s lives easier while optimizing your digital advertising performance. If the following sound all-too-familiar, it’s time to explore your creative production software options. 

1. You’ve been dreaming about resizing, reformatting, and scaling 

Personalization is at an all-time-high. Currently, 71% of consumers prefer personalization in their ads. Manually resizing and reformatting for each channel, as well as scaling creatives to local needs (weather, location, etc.) are tedious and outdated practices. 

The reality is that most media teams are struggling with a global versus local dilemma. Brands are increasingly valuing global campaign initiatives. Even though the scale is extensive, media is frequently purchased and managed locally while the creative direction, strategy, and assets originate centrally. What brands should, and can be asking, is what allows them to achieve both.

Creative production software offer key global-to-local tools. The Feed Editor provides a user-friendly space that offers  automated features for mass production. One creative layout stores all of your sizing requirements. As a result, Celtra users can create 100s of dynamic variations in minutes.

See the Feed Editor in action: 

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2. Last year’s creatives are looking better and better

Stuck in a creative slump? Content demands are likely the culprit. Ever-growing platforms, channels, and formats have been pushing new types of tasks on designers. And considering digital ad spend reached nearly half of all global ad spending this year, it seems this trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

Unfortunately, when volume demands become overwhelming, creative quality takes a hit. But what’s the value of infinite messages if you’re unable to affect 1 consumer? 

Clearly, production teams need a solution that supports creative excellence. With a creative software, production teams can reduce operational work so that teams can spend that time focusing on creative experiences. From features such as feed-editor, templating, and creative reuse to bulk preview and approval, creative production softwares speed up the process and allow you to launch campaigns faster. Less time managing means more time making. 

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3. Your email threads read like a novel

Imagine a world without creative versions 1-1000 polluting your desktop and confusing your media team. Certainly, managing sophisticated creative assets through JPEG attachments is much too cumbersome. 

On creative production software, several users can directly access the latest ad versions and make adjustments as needed. Sensitive areas, such as preview, review, approval and tag generation are set to public read-only availability. This way all teams and team members can access the creative but permissions can be set to ensure no damage is done. A multi-stakeholder workflow speeds the process along while getting everyone on the same page. 

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4. Double, triple, quadruple proofs are fruitless 

Creative production software helps move production towards an errorless future. Rather than compulsively reproofing your entire creative output across languages, this technology can maximize the use of one, correct version across the board, while streamlining communication and easily getting the creative in front of the right team members. 

After all, you don’t want to end up with a translation fail like this.

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5. No matter how hard you try, you still feel stuck 

There’s a great deal of pressure on designers. Creating on the spot, generating tons of ad variants, collaborating across teams, and performing without error is a difficult list to accomplish. And without the right technology, designers are unable to reach their full potential. Think about it this way, would you ask a video editor to produce without Premiere Pro, or a writer to publish without spell check? Sure it would be possible, but also needlessly time consuming. 

Likewise, designers use creative production software to make better creatives in less time. As Elbert Hubbard once said, “One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.” 

Make better creatives in less time. Learn how.

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