A Tale of Two Teams: Creative Automation for Designers

By Celtra

David Krančan

 In part one of our series, we explored how marketers can keep up with the ever-growing demand of content and do even more with existing resources.  This may sound alarming to designers who are already spread thin by the current scope of marketing activities – producing even more content is probably unthinkable. While marketers need to project manage the entire campaign, designers are tasked with producing the nuts and bolts that hold the campaign together. Throw in a few different markets, multiple channels and formats, hundreds and thousands of products, multiple copy variations, and production starts to get quite complex and repetitive. This makes Celtra’s Creative Automation – the very solution we’ve proposed to marketers – as relevant for designers. The platform helps to efficiently manage content scaling, by eliminating monotonous tasks and streamlining the production process. Creative Automation frees up time and space for designers to focus on higher-value priorities.

A Designer’s Dream Come True 

Thought it wasn’t possible to turn one design into an unlimited number of assets, given your tight timelines? That time has come. With Celtra’s Creative Automation, designers receive media briefs directly within the platform, and placeholder templates are auto-generated based on creative output required for the campaign. This not only eliminates back and forth with multiple stakeholders, it makes project kick-off as efficient and seamless as possible. Designers can then turn these into intelligent templates, connect them to a content feed, and easily handle any combination of creative assets.  This allows them to focus on crafting powerful creative concepts and designing beautiful creatives, and leave the versioning and production of additional ad variations to Celtra. 

Software Built for Designers

Ensuring on-brand design and maintaining quality is many times an unspoken, yet crucial responsibility. Celtra is integrated with Adobe Photoshop as well as other design tools, streamlining the entire process from design to creative production to approval. Once design assets are imported into Celtra’s Builder, designers have full control.  They can make use of ready-to-use fonts or upload their own custom fonts. They can create and customize any combination of animated, video, social, or display assets. Designers can easily prepare toolkits that are safeguarded for brand consistency, so that even when multiple teams need access to the same templates or campaigns are managed locally, all marketing efforts are aligned, and design is always on-brand.  


Feedback Made Simple

In BS (Before SaaS) times, feedback and review were a major time suck. With multiple email threads, spreadsheets and file attachments, it’s easy to lose track of the latest revisions or points of feedback. Celtra doesn’t just speak a designer’s language – it enables them to speak to one another and to members of other teams, more coherently and effectively.  Built-in preview and commenting tools bring all collaboration to the cloud. Designers can share any selection of creatives and templates or tag relevant stakeholders in comments. Marketers can review and provide feedback,  while designers respond to comments and make revisions in real time, to get creatives approved as soon as possible. This facilitates faster revision cycles and ensures that campaigns are always launched on time, no matter how many products, channels, formats, sizes, and messages. 


Celtra brings all stakeholders on a single platform for faster and more efficient creative production.  Don’t take our word for it, check out what our own design team has to say about it.

Watch our video for a quick summary and look into our UX. If you have more questions, send us a message at marketing@celtra.com and we’ll get back to you right away.

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