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Meet Fast-Loading Ads, the latest addition to Celtra Creative Enablement that empowers media owners and advertisers to lower banner payload times. Deliver high-quality ad experiences – all while ensuring a smaller carbon emissions footprint.

Reduced payload weight
Faster load times
Smaller carbon footprint

Improve user experience with faster load times

Celtra Fast-Loading Ads are built with performance in mind, loading up to 30% faster compared to outstream video competitors.

  • Payload weight is automatically optimized, ensuring faster ad serving times with minimum data usage.
  • Deliver engaging experiences, such as outstream video, in a lightweight format.

Expand engagement,
not data waste

Hit your emissions targets by optimizing ad creative weight with Fast-Loading Ads.

  • Celtra helps you reduce your overall campaign emissions by reducing asset weight by 53% on average.
  • Confidently track your carbon spend across the ad supply chain with built-in reports powered by Scope3, the leading provider of creative emissions reporting.

How we help you achieve up to 30% faster loading


Good news: Celtra automatically reduces image asset weight by 53% on average. Even better news: You won’t even notice the compression, with image quality staying on point for a visually stunning ad experience.


We deliver a buffer-free, high-quality viewing experience by transcoding and automatically selecting the best possible video preset based on the viewer’s device and connection.

Overall payload

While you focus on the creative, Celtra’s software is working hard behind the scenes. Our advanced technology optimizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript payload, ensuring seamless ad rendering.

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