Ad Age + Celtra White Paper: Refocusing the Role of Digital Creative

By Celtra


The report explores a myriad of performance challenges faced by brands in executing their digital advertising campaigns, and how those limitations can be addressed through the use of a Creative Management Platform (or CMP).

Additionally, this White Paper outlines strategies, best practices, and technology platforms like Celtra’s CMP that brand advertisers can use, not only to improve the quality of their digital creative, but also to refocus the role of creative for more effective outcomes.

For Miha Mikek, Celtra co-founder and CEO, “creative is the conduit for the marketer’s message.” He notes that “[creative] should be as precise and data driven as the media to achieve optimal results. In order to get there, creative needs to become real-time, from production to serving, measurement and optimization, it all needs to be actionable.”

Also quoted in the White Paper is Matevz Klanjsek, Celtra’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, who firmly believes that creative technology like the Celtra Platform is “the only way for creative to come back. A CMP is a powerful lever that comes with lots of creative knowledge that is built and trained in the system.”

Download the White Paper to read the insights and learnings from Celtra’s executives and their clients who have used the CMP to improve their business results.

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