Creative Advertising Technologies: the AI Don Draper

By Celtra

How long until every advertiser has an Artificially Intelligent Donald Draper built into their marketing stack? The AI Don Draper is closer than you think.

Cost-conscious advertisers can now target and reach consumers with precision. Brands are starting to put the pieces together by making smarter media investment decisions with data – and want to unify that data across their entire marketing org. With a great idea and first-party data, they’re ready to tackle the last missing piece of the puzzle, the creative.  But where do those messages come from? Who is making those ads?

The demand to do more with less, while getting more precise with creative, has spurred innovation among Creative Advertising Technology vendors, like us here at Celtra. For more than a decade, Celtra has walked that fine line between Photoshop and Google Spreadsheets, between science and art. We build software that gives you speed, control, and transparency over digital creative – adding Creative production, management, serving, and governance to the enterprise marketing stack. What does this mean for brands? You can connect the creative and media silos within your org – and deliver precision marketing at scale.

The need for digital advertising content and creative messaging has never been greater. Big ideas need to be turned into 1000s of assets – some with a shelf-life of a few seconds. These assets need to get made for dozens of channels in 100s of formats.

For example – a CPG brand with a new moisturizing cream has determined their audience is split between three segments – each with a different communications challenge. How does that CPG brand take their Big Idea, the creative behind their new campaign, translate it for the three audiences, and then use that communications framework to create specific assets and messages for 1000s of digital touchpoints across each and every market?

Creating 1000s of audience-specific assets is a slow, burdensome process with today’s tools. And while Creative Advertising Technologies are trying to help make it easier, it’s the linear content creation process that needs transformation. The new creative process needs to be nimble and iterative, leveraging data and insights on-the-fly. It’s not a linear production process like the assembly-line style production of TV and Films. Brands, their consultancies and agencies have new creative advertising technologies to help support the process. Some of these are media-focused, like for Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). Others are focused on production – like for Digital Asset Management and Cloud-based Creative.

Either way, marketing stacks have been missing creative, and are looking for their own AI Don Draper. With Creative Advertising Technologies, mass personalization and precision marketing are now closer than you think.


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