How to Avoid Errors When Producing 1000s of Ads

By Christine Göös

avoiding errors when producing 1000s of ads

Are you threatened by the risk of human error when producing 1000s of digital ads in dozens of languages? How about the number of manual processes? 

Consider this. First impressions of a brand are formed in the first 10 seconds of interaction. Therefore, small brands looking to raise awareness only have a minuscule time frame for leaving a lasting impact. Subsequent fixes are limited once this impression is made. 

As for larger brands, this can be detrimental to a well-established positive perception. Encountering an off-brand, or worse yet off-putting, material is jarring to audiences. Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue up to 23%. Therefore, if your efforts aren’t helping your branding, you could very well be harming it. There’s an internal effect as well. Negative reputation costs companies at least 10% more per hire, and that doesn’t include the hit to existing company morale. 

A Lesson from Taylor Swift 

Here’s an example. Taylor Swift recently faced backlash for a widespread branding blunder. Her merchandise promoting her new single, “Me!”, has a critical typo. The items read, “Your’e the only one of you. Baby that’s the fun of you.” As expected, fans have reacted negatively.

Swift is a pop star, in other words a brand. So although many have resorted to questioning Swift’s aptitude for spelling, others have placed blame on her creative and marketing teams. Swift must have a very prestigious team working for her. So how could such an obvious mistake make it through dozens of expert reviews and approvals? 

Certainly, this isn’t the only occasion we’ve seen of this, and team members don’t deserve full culpability. Brands should be shifting the focus on technical resources that help avoid public blunders. People will always make mistakes. That’s why new technologies aim to eliminate the human error component. 

New technology has your back

When it comes to digital marketing, public perception is the name of the game. Likewise, a software that supports consistency while vastly reducing human error in digital ads is crucial in today’s competitive landscape. 

Creative Management Platforms (CMPs) have several ways of helping. As a refresher, a CMP is a cloud-based software for making, managing, and measuring your digital ads. They go beyond the scope of simple ad building and distribution. Workflow is vastly improved by using a centralized location for real-time updates. What this means is all users (yes, there can be several) have access to the latest creatives. In the platform, they can implement small tweaks or provide feedback via commenting. In fact, non-users can even access a view-only version as well — enabling an all hands on deck review process. 

An errorless future? 

When a brand makes a large-scale mistake it’s easy to point fingers. However, instead of blaming a team member for being human, it’s worth exploring a technology solution. Diminishing such incidents will not only benefit your brand image and minimize cleanup costs, it will also empower your employees to accomplish what they do best. 

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