Celtra’s Creative Automation solution: In a Nutshell

By Celtra

Celtra’s Creative Automation software is made for producing enough creative variety and content volume to power any of today’s most impactful campaigns. What’s new, you ask?

Well- we’ve majorly revamped our offering to include transformational production design tools to make you stand out against market trends and stay ahead of the ever-evolving needs of marketing and creative teams. Here’s a little breakdown of what you can expect to get out of our new solution (in a nutshell).

How it works

Our solution is a tool for creating and designing specialized templates that allow you to easily and intuitively produce beautiful creatives at super speed while safeguarding brand design and voice. Whatever your digital asset may be, Celtra’s Creative Automation software is the ultimate tool for scaling up your creatives to deliver thousands of variants in a fraction of the time!

We have also tailored our solution to be particularly appealing for video and animation production, so you can easily bring to life all your best creatives. By leveraging design automation with Celtra, marketing and creative teams can collaborate on template creation to produce, comment, test, scale and launch custom content easier than ever before. If you’ve been daydreaming about getting to market faster, Creative Automation solution is a dream come true.

The benefits

Three words: Collaborative. Digital. Production. With Celtra’s Creative Automation solution, those three honeys play close like butter plays toast. You can expect a B.I.G. change to your creative workflows- for the better.

Scaling up your production process with automation creates the most valuable asset of all: TIME. And the best part? You’ve already got all the resources you need to implement it. By introducing self-serve tech into your business, you are empowering your marketing and creative teams to efficiently scale up on content variety and scale down on manual tasks.

With this solution, we aim to provide all the production efficiencies your creative and marketing teams have been lacking. That is: creative precision at scale- from statics, and video to animation, across every channel.

Ready to scale up?

If you want to watch the transformative power that Celtra’s Creative Automation solution has on creative production, get in touch with us and book a demo to see our revamped solution in action. Bring Creative Automation to your business today!

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