Case Study: Nike Achieves 19.5x Higher Production Efficiency With Creative Automation

By Celtra

Nike‘s Member Days campaign, aimed at recognizing customer loyalty, required a solution to enhance production and distribution efficiency while preserving brand consistency across multiple markets. By partnering with Celtra Creative Services, Nike implemented Creative Automation and developed a global toolkit, enabling swift and localized content creation without sacrificing brand integrity. This approach led to a 19.5x increase in production efficiency while ensuring consistent and effective brand communication worldwide.

Challenge: Streamlined production with ensured brand consistency

For Nike Member Days, a campaign designed to enhance the shopping experience for its most dedicated customers, Nike faced the challenge of boosting production and distribution efficiency while maintaining their iconic brand consistency across multiple markets. The goal was to streamline the localization and creation of market-specific creative content, reducing the time and resources required.

Solution: Automated process for efficient localization

The solution came through implementing Creative Automation and developing a global toolkit with the expertise of Celtra Creative Services. The global toolkit consisted of on-brand templates and a user manual, which empowered Nike’s local teams to easily adapt it to their needs by swapping the content (such as imagery and copy) and creating thousands of localized creatives on demand. Maintaining brand consistency being vital, this approach enabled Nike to efficiently produce market-specific creative content without compromising brand coherence across regions. 

Results: Boosted efficiency and brand consistency across all touchpoints

As a result, Nike was able to produce over 17,000 creatives in a single round, which led to a remarkable 19.5x gain in production efficiency. This extensive collection of creative variations allowed local teams to quickly prepare diverse localized content on demand, speeding up their time to market while ensuring consistent branding across all regions.

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