What Are Dynamic Product Ads – And How to Make Them Great

By Celtra

Cutting through the noise of endless product ads is no easy feat, but it helps to showcase the exact products your customers want to see. Dynamic product ads are one of the most effective ways to catch the right eye at the right time and boost engagement. The thing is, not all dynamic product ads are made the same. Want to take your lower funnel engagement rates, reach, and ROAS to sky-high levels? Then you might want to look into enriched dynamic product ads.

Dynamic product ads: Right place, right time, right product

Dynamic product ads, often called catalog or e-commerce ads, are shoppable ad formats that automatically show viewers highly relevant product recommendations and personalized product ads.

Typically used in e-commerce and retail across multiple platforms, this smart ad format dynamically updates the ad to show a personalized version to potential customers based on their interests, browsing history, intent signals, actions, and other real-time factors.

For example, if you’ve been looking for a pair of running shoes, the algorithm will pick up on your interest based on your browsing history or unfinished purchases. Suddenly, you’re seeing an ad (or many of them) for running shoes that’s actually been personalized for yours truly.  

Wondering if your eyes have ever landed on a DPA? If you’ve ever spent time on a social media website, the answer is yes. Just think of those ads you see all the time that include a product image on a plain white background. That’s your typical dynamic product ad.

How do dynamic product ads work?

Dynamic product ads start with a product feed or catalog that contains all the necessary information about a brand’s available products, including descriptions, titles, images, prices, and creative assets.

Based on the information from the product feed and collected user data, a dynamic product ad can configure itself using an automated algorithm and pre-designed ad templates.

Running a DPA campaign enables you to effortlessly promote your entire product catalog across multiple channels without creating thousands of individual ads for each item. 

But if DPA campaigns are so great, why isn’t everybody boosting their lower funnel engagement to sky-high levels? That’s because there’s one magic ingredient often missing from this powerful ad format: creativity. 

While personalization is an essential factor of ad success, even the most intelligent ad won’t grab attention if your viewers keep seeing the same bland creatives over and over again.

Leaving boring dynamic product ads behind with Celtra’s solution

So, what exactly are enriched catalog ads, and why are they so much better at boosting ad performance than your ordinary, run-of-the-mill dynamic product ad?

Enriched catalog ads are customized, on-brand ads that go beyond the typical packshot images. Spiced up with brand elements, promotions, different backgrounds, badges, and even video, enriched dynamic product ads stand out from the sea of generic e-commerce ads your customers are bombarded with every day.

When your ads offer a more eye-catching, captivating ad experience, it comes as no surprise that your lower funnel engagement, reach, and ROAS are bound to increase.

With Celtra’s Dynamic Product Ads, creating enriched catalog ads at any scale is fast, easy, and reliable. Thanks to our custom, on-brand templates, you can produce, review, and distribute countless enriched catalog ads across multiple channels, sizes, and formats.

But it’s not just about premium creative production. At Celtra, the focus is always on data-driven decision-making. 

Celtra’s Dynamic Product Ads constantly monitors the performance of your ads and lets you adapt the targeting and creative elements based on real-time insights. 

With complete control of your DPA campaigns, you can also individually set up rules that automatically adjust your ads based on user behavior or market trends.

Ready to cut through the noise with Celtra’s Dynamic Product Ads on Meta, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, and X? Learn more about our solution and get in touch to see our self-serve platform in action!

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