Case Study: Zakcret Sports Boosts Lower-Funnel Campaigns’ CTR by 25%

By Celtra

Zakcret Sports, together with its subsidiary business unit, Sneaker Cage, is one of the top players in athleisure retail in Greece. They offer a wide range of more than 80 sports and casual brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour, and have 36 physical stores all over Greece, catering both to sports enthusiasts and those seeking lifestyle sneakers or casual clothing collections.

In collaboration with Relevance Digital Agency, Zakcret Sports used Celtra to implement customized feeds in their dynamic product ads campaigns. This enabled them to showcase their products and messages in the ads in a way that set them apart from the competition as well as display their unique selling points, offers, and limited-time promos to a wide target audience. The result? A distinctive brand identity, a 25% higher CTR, and a 17% increase in purchases.

Challenge: Balancing creativity and performance

Meta is an important advertising channel for Zakcret Sports and its subsidiary Sneaker Cage, especially for dynamic product ads that target remarketing users and attract new customers. They regularly launch various promotional campaigns throughout the year, focusing on new arrivals, limited-time offers, and online bazaars. However, they were struggling to effectively combine visually appealing product images with performance-driven elements to boost click-through rates and conversions.

It was important to establish a distinctive and cohesive visual identity that users would instantly associate with Zakcret, given that the brands they sell are also widely available for online purchase through both parent companies and competitors. This challenge was particularly pronounced during peak seasonal periods such as “Black Friday,” “Christmas,” and “Sale,” when competition for consumer attention intensified.

Zakcret and their agency Relevance needed to find a way to balance creativity and performance metrics – to expose their unique selling points, offers, and promotions to a wide target audience, and ensure that their products and messages stand out from their competition. This necessitated a solution that could streamline the creation of dynamic product ads while maximizing the impact of their advertising campaigns.

Solution: Leveraging Celtra enables differentiation & exposure of USPs and promotions

Using Celtra’s Dynamic Product Ads solution, Relevance created customized templates for each peak sale period and seasonal promotion, ensuring that all necessary catalog information was incorporated seamlessly into the ads. They were able to showcase multiple product images and dynamically display key details such as prices, brand names, and unique promotions like free shipping or additional discounts.

By utilizing Celtra’s capabilities, Zakcret successfully tackled the challenges of blending creative appeal with performance-driven elements and establishing a distinctive brand identity that stood out from competitors. The dynamic nature of Celtra’s templates allowed Zakcret to maintain consistency across their advertising campaigns while adapting to the specific needs of each promotional period, ultimately leading to improved click-through rates and conversions.

Results: Celtra Dynamic Product Ads drive meaningful results for Zakcret Sports’ business

Since implementing Celtra Dynamic Product Ads in November 2023, Relevance and Zakcret Sports have seen great results. During the peak season, from Black Friday through seasonal campaigns to January sales, they observed significant improvements in performance and engagement metrics, noting a strong increase in both CTR and purchases from November 2023 to January 2024.

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