Celtra Named to Comparably’s Best Place to Work 2018 List

By Christine Göös

Wins “Best Overall Place to Work” and “Best Place for Women” Categories

best comparably list

We’re thrilled to announce that Celtra has been recognized as a top workplace in two different categories by Comparably last week. Comparably is a company culture and benefits review platform, and award standings for this season are determined by employee ratings on Comparably.com between Nov. 26, 2017 and Nov. 26, 2018. Thanks to employees’ feedback, we’ve been recognized in the following categories on Comparably:

We are exceptionally proud of this recognition, and work everyday to ensure that we continue to make Celtra a company that puts empathy and kindness at the core of our workplace culture and policy development.

comparably best list

“We are honored to be named by Comparably as a top performer in the Overall Best Company and Best Company For Women categories,” said Miha Mikek, CEO & Founder, Celtra. “We strongly appreciate this recognition and feel very grateful for our team.”

“Celtra’s employees are a flexible, understanding and loving team that care deeply about each other’s needs,” said Maja Mikek, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, Celtra. “Female professionals, particularly when they become mothers, have special needs that we not only accommodate for, but we actively invest in and support, because we believe that their motherhood experience makes them stronger teammates and better people. Strong, capable and kind women bring a powerful and authentic way of thinking that we employ strategically across our entire organization.”

But don’t just take our executives’ word for it. Here are a few examples of our employee feedback on Comparably:

“Culture is a big focus for the company and the leadership team with HR is constantly working on it. We aim to have a culture that provides an environment where employees are given the opportunity to deliver their best, recognized fairly and grow with the company.”

[Celtra’s leadership is] Extremely bright and motivated but down to earth at the same time. Passionate and eager to build a successful company and talented employee base.”

“Our culture fosters creativity and encourages all employees to think outside the box. We’re encouraged to get engaged and are rewarded for finding meaningful ways to impact our growth.”

“Folks have a winning attitude across the company. You have exposure to open, honest, passionate, creative thinkers daily.”

If you are interested in working at Celtra, we are currently hiring more than 35 positions globally. Check out our careers page to learn more. 

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