Celtra Partners With STG for a New Phase of Growth

By Miha Mikek

Oscar Bolton Green

I am excited to share with our customers and community that STG has acquired a majority stake in Celtra.


Celtra’s vision was always to empower better creativity in the most scalable way. Over the last ten years, we’ve grown Celtra by providing the most advanced creative platform for leading media and ad tech companies. We brought to light many innovations that inspired and enabled the industry to be more creative. I am incredibly proud of the journey and grateful to all who put a mark on Celtra. 


When we started creating our first product in 2010, our goal was to enable cutting-edge creative experiences for mobile advertisers. We envisioned a design tool purpose-built for mobile advertising that leveraged device capabilities and output agnostic experiences across mobile web and apps. We had a clear objective and we managed to build the largest and most successful creative platform for publishers and the adtech ecosystem. 


In the last two years, we invested significantly in expanding our vision – building software to help large enterprise advertisers solve the challenge of scaling creativity across digital advertising. Global and large national advertisers have enormous creative production challenges – often needing to create thousands of creative assets, from static to animated and video formats, for channels ranging from social to ecommerce. On top of the production challenges (costs, timing, resourcing, coordinating, workflow, distribution, updates), brands and agencies are applying sophisticated marketing strategies such as audience-based messaging and personalization. 


Celtra’s vision for Creative Automation was born from these challenges. Some of the most sophisticated marketing organizations in the world have adopted our Creative Automation solutions, including adidas, Nike, P&G, Spotify, Shopify, Unilever, YETI and more than 40 global enterprise organizations.


The new investment from STG is an important milestone and a validation of our expansion opportunity. They are a great partner for helping us achieve our goal of weaving Creative Automation into digital advertising production workflows across brands, agencies, and media. If there are digital ads being produced at scale, we want Celtra’s Creative Automation solutions to be used. Longer-term, our goal is to widen the use cases for Creative Automation into commerce, marketing, and programmatic. We already touch on these use cases today, but there is so much more to do. Imagine the possibilities if you can trust software to help you swiftly scale out your big ideas across channels, formats, and markets – across every channel you can reach your audience. With STG, Celtra will be able to make this happen.


I want to say thank-you to all our employees and investors for helping us get to this important milestone. It’s been a long journey, but we are just getting started. I also want to thank my co-founders Matevz and Maja. And most importantly, I’d like to thank our customers – thank-you for trusting Celtra with key parts of your business. We’re excited to continue to invest in solutions that help you stay creative at scale. 

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