Celtra Takes on Pinterest With Shopify as Launch Partner

By Celtra

Matija Medved

We have exciting news on the product front, especially for CPG, apparel, and e-commerce marketers! Celtra is now an official Pinterest Dynamic Creative Partner! This partnership will enable a direct API integration with our platform, allowing brands to produce and distribute Pinterest ads at scale.

With consumers spending more time online, the demand to produce personalized, creative content across social channels has exploded. Brands and agencies are struggling to keep up and under enormous pressure to increase creative throughput, while keeping costs down and brand and design quality high. With our Pinterest integration, advertisers are able to transform their creative workflow and performance to handle the new e-commerce-first reality.


Shopify reaches new users on Pinterest with creatives made in Celtra


Shopify, a leading global commerce company, joined us as an exclusive Pinterest launch partner for our newest integration:

“For Shopify, Pinterest is an always-on channel for new customer acquisition. With Celtra, we are finally able to deliver creative tailored specifically for Pinterest, produce variations at scale to do always-on creative testing, and apply those learnings on-the-fly.” Said Tasnim Khan, Performance Marketing Manager, Social at Shopify. “Celtra’s new Pinterest integration has made the process of trafficking our ads a lot smoother, quicker, and more organized than ever before. I am excited about the time and resources that this has saved us as well as the scale of assets that we’ve been able to achieve. We’re now able to plan our content and creative testing roadmap much farther in advance.”

Celtra powers automation for creative transformation for large consumer, retail and apparel brands such as Unilever and Adidas. With Creative Automation, brands can produce highly-customized creatives much more efficiently. Celtra also automates creative versioning allowing brands to increase creative testing, iterate and update creatives quickly, and engage Pinners with the best-performing creatives.

“We have a history of providing software for creative transformation for brands like adidas and Unilever, allowing them to drive business and brand growth through automation,” said Eli Chapman, CMO at Celtra. “With Pinterest, commerce and creativity have never been closer. As social selling continues to gain traction for brands across retail, e-commerce and beyond, this partnership is the perfect avenue to deploy content that drives revenue and connects with brands’ audiences.”

Looking to get started with Celtra Creative Automation to produce assets for Pinterest and other digital channels? Talk to us here!

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