Class of 2023 Presents: Andrew Slater, VP of Enterprise Sales

By Celtra

Andrew Slater has played a starring role at Celtra from the moment he joined the team five and half years ago. We see his name pop up in our inboxes weekly, with closed-won announcements and special shout-outs. Out of his home in New Jersey, he leads Celtra’s new business team in the Americas, which entails spearheading all operations from pre-sales, sales, SDR, and agencies. Welcome our latest guest to the Class of 2023… Andrew!

Q: What aspect of your position as head of sales do you value the most?

I really value the people on my team and getting to work with them on a daily basis. They are smart, creative, and competitive. They helped me level up as a manager and seller. 

Q: What advice could you share on how to stay on top of your game?

Always remember that you need to learn and evolve constantly. The advertising industry is incredibly dynamic and changes quickly as we have seen recently with the excitement surrounding AI. Your clients expect you to be an expert on emerging trends, so part of the job is spending time on educating yourself. 

Q: What has been the most rewarding achievement during your time with Celtra?

Personally, the birth of my first son in 2019 and my second son just a few weeks ago. Professionally, when team Celtra signed Nike just before Christmas in 2020 (shout out to Max Kramer). I have also greatly enjoyed giving promotions; who doesn’t? 

Q: What sets Celtra apart from the rest of the competition?  

Our focus is on the creative. The company started out over a decade ago trying to make beautiful creatives easier to produce, and that focus remains our North Star today. Creative is the cornerstone of any and all advertising campaigns, and enabling teams to build them more efficiently leads to innovation in the market and a better experience for the consumer.

Q: What do you think Celtra’s future holds?

Great things! While we have already had lots of success as a company, there is still so much more to do together and an even bigger market opportunity ahead. 

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