Class of 2023 Presents: David Ricculli, Lead Solutions Consultant

By Celtra

Dave is on the solutions consulting team, specializing as the lead in agency partnerships. His job is to not only teach teams how to use the platform but also to consult on enabling Creative Automation best practices as a whole, from workflow optimizations to creative direction at scale. He’s also just hit 4 years with us in October. Before that, he was a Celtra user for about 1-2 years as an agency designer. Dave is part of the furniture at this point, which is why it was important for us to sit down and get to know him better!

Q: What’s your favourite quote?

Bit typical for a designer at heart, but I’ve always loved Paula Scher’s quote,“You have to be in a state of play to design. If you’re not in a state of play, you can’t make anything.” I find it helps anchor me in what we’re aiming to achieve here at Celtra. Not only gives designers and marketers time back to return to that “state of play”, but opens up an entirely new discipline of design to play in – designing at scale. 

Q: What aspect of your position do you value the most?

I love working across so many amazing teams. On any given week, I’m animating demos and pitching with sellers, tackling complex customer use cases with other solutions consultants, or validating new features with our product team. It’s so fun working with such inspiring people across the entire organization. 

Q: What advice could you share on how to stay on top of your game?

Stay in that state of play! I find that even a few hours exploring an industry topic you’re interested in can lead to connections in your day-to-day work that you would never have seen otherwise. 

Q: What has been the most rewarding achievement during your time with Celtra?

Seeing our agency practice come to life over these past 2 years with Joseph Piper and Tim Durney has been an incredible ride. We’ve had some fantastic success elevating our champions and growing our partnerships, and there is so much more to go!

Q: What sets Celtra apart from the rest of the competition?  

Our focus on the creative. The company started out over a decade ago trying to make beautiful creatives easier to produce and that focus remains our north star today. Creative is the cornerstone of any and all advertising campaigns, and enabling teams to build them more efficiently leads to innovation in the market and a better experience for the consumer.

Q: What sets Celtra apart from the rest of the competition?

One piece of Celtra culture I find inspiring is that everyone is a creative in some way. People have so many amazing hobbies from pottery, to cooking, to illustration, to music, etc and they always find ways to share it with each other. We put that creativity at the forefront for everything from pitch decks to the product features we roll out.

Q: What do you think the future holds for Celtra?

Sky’s the limit! I really admire our position to put creativity and design tools first, and automating efficiencies on top of that. I think our approach and scale certainly separate us from the pack. 

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