Class of 2023 Presents: Nikki Gertner, Marketing Director

By Celtra

“The unknown can be exciting and full of opportunity but you have to be involved and you have to be able to evolve.” ― Alicia Armendariz AKA Alice Bag

Nikki is a star amongst the Celtra community and beyond, having been named one of the Top Women In Tech by Admonsters & Folio Magazine in 2021. A Celtronian for 5 years, and a Celtra user long before that, having been acquainted with the platform back in 2015 while working as an ad product manager at a major publisher. In other words, Nikki’s been building, trafficking and establishing performance benchmarks for ad products since way back when! Now, as Marketing Director, she works with the media owners and operators, executing all internal and external communications for weekly product rollouts through different entertaining and witty in-platform notifications, webinars and newsletters. On top of all that, she regularly appears as a guest on external webinars and you may even recognise her from our own media-side podcast. Nikki really does the most… and on that note:

Q: What aspect of your position do you value the most?

What makes Celtra special to me is being able to collaborate with some of the smartest, most open-minded people on the planet. I also get to be a part of and participate amongst a community of dedicated users who love the platform. Some folks are just like me, they have been using Celtra for years and continue to use it as they move on to new roles at different companies. It’s been amazing to watch this niche community grow!

Q: What advice could you share on how to stay on top of your game as marketing director?

The most important thing is to stay flexible, and get to know your product from inside and out. Staying on top of revenue operations and getting to know the people involved in order to gain a deeper understanding of their processes is also crucial. My advice is don’t be afraid to talk to customers, especially when it comes to your product and other products they enjoy.  

Q: What has been the most rewarding achievement during your time with Celtra?

I am most proud of being named a 2021 Top Women In Tech Honoree by Admonsters & Folio Magazine. In 2020 when remote-first webinars really became a “thing,” I began to work closely with Admonsters to craft content for market-facing webinars and roundtable discussions. It was exciting to bring Celtra into these larger conversations on the market, and I’m thrilled to have been recognized amongst such a talented group of peers.

Q: What sets Celtra apart against the rest of the competition?

Celtras best in class ad builder is the most intuitive to pick up with any level of basic design skill. It’s easy to take your design and animation to the next level and get super complex if you want to, or, keep things simple in a pinch. Also, I think nothing beats a timeline when creating animations, key-framing motion, etc. so I’ve always been a big fan of the fact that the Celtra builder has a timeline, because it’s by far the smoothest way to create any kind of motion graphics.

Q: What do you think the future holds for Celtra in the marketing world? 

I’m looking forward to exploring more green initiatives and finding ways to make the production of advertising sustainable. Harm reduction is a big part of my personal life and set of values, so I look forward to finding ways to incorporate this into Celtra’s DNA. I think we’ll always be a creative-first company and our marketing will always reflect this, but I’m excited to see how we can make changes on a very practical level when it comes to reducing carbon emissions.

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