What to Consider When Adopting Creative Technology

By Christine Göös

what to consider when adopting creative technology

what to consider when adopting creative technology

So you’re planning to roll out a big campaign for 2019. Unfortunately, you simply can’t produce the volume of assets and implement changes at the speed you had envisioned. You need a solution. Initially, it might appear that you should replace your creative agency, or maybe your designers. But through a little research, you find that the tools you are using to create content are overdue for an upgrade.

Creative Management Platforms (CMPs) are an increasingly popular means of tackling issues surrounding digital marketing strategies. A brand marketer considering a CMP is really looking for a creative transformation which enables them to do more with less. We’ve put together an abbreviated guide to evaluating if a CMP is right for you.

Ask whether it is a problem with your ‘message’

Use managed services to see if more relevant messaging solves the problem at hand. Evaluate whether a new type of creative makes an impact. You can do things like a creative or brand lift study. You can also plug into your existing studies, or use managed services as an easy trial and entry point.

Determine how to implement your creative solution for an entire business unit at scale

So your message wasn’t the problem. Now that you’ve done the research, you have a decision to make. You can either implement single-spot solutions, potentially adding people and labor on the media side, or you can find a new creative platform that lets you transform speed, agility, and control over creating assets for the new kind of digital advertising. A lot of brands (and agencies!) are opting for the latter, and integrating CMPs into their businesses.

Go through an evaluation phase

There are certain questions you should ask when considering which CMP to buy. Does this service simplify the delivery of my digital assets? Is it capable of maintaining consistency across the face of my brand? And of course, is it worth the cost? But remember to weigh the cost with the reward. You’re adopting a software that can problem-solve and tailor content across all platforms, while offering a newfound efficiency and command of your creatives.

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