A Tale of Two Teams: Creative Automation for Marketers

By Celtra

Illustration: Matija Medved


Marketers have more opportunity than ever before to reach consumers in highly targeted ways on multiple platforms, test creative strategies, and optimize campaigns.  Yet, with opportunity comes unprecedented challenges. Brands need an exponential amount of content to take advantage of these opportunities and keep up with the speed of the market. Unsurprisingly, existing resources and traditional ways of working can’t meet the challenge of delivering volumes of creative quickly and effectively. 

Marketers need to turn to automation to generate content at scale. Yet, meeting the growing demand and hitting deadlines is just one piece of it. Marketers have a responsibility to maintain brand equity and creative quality while managing multiple stakeholders across teams and regions. 

Celtra’s Creative Automation gives marketers the tools to scale creative production with collaborative workflows from brief to review and distribution. 


Increase Production Capacity 


While marketers own everything from planning to execution and results, they are limited by resources and timelines. Marketing plans are often dictated by production capacity rather than the scope of efforts that will drive an optimal outcome.

Celtra’s Creative Automation frees up time and resources to increase creative output by making teams and workflows more efficient. Creative Automation streamlines the process on a multitude of levels, for marketers, designers, and other creative stakeholders. 

Here are just a few of the efficiency drivers:

  • Unified and brand-specific creative taxonomy that ensures alignment and easy collaboration across the organization
  • Built-in media briefing that auto-generates placeholder templates with clearly defined specs  for designers
  • Immediate feedback, review, and approval of creatives 
  • Direct distribution via API
  • Content updates on campaigns mid-flight, reflected in real-time

Agile and efficient workflows enable designers to produce creatives and marketers to go to market 3x fasterThis means that marketers can focus more on strategy to extend their efforts and build plans that are destined for success. 


Turn the Volume Up High


As we’ve mentioned, Creative Automation is ultimately about producing customized creative at scale to keep up with the demand in the market. Celtra offers automation without compromising on brand equity or creative quality. 

How Celtra enables creative scale without compromising on the end result:

  • Our Template Builder allows designers to craft high-quality, on-brand design templates
  • Robust Content Feeds allow marketers to separate content from design (think CTA, messaging, product image, background images etc.)
  • Templates and Content Feeds work together to generate of thousands of creatives in minutes

Creative Automation lets marketers choose their scaling dimensions and instantly generate all of the creative variations they need for every single campaign.

What if I need to update the copy on creatives or make other changes after a campaign is launched? 

 No problem! For changes mid-flight, we know that time is especially crucial and changes need to be made ASAP. That’s why Celtra’s CA makes it super easy for marketers to directly make updates on the content feed. Once saved, these changes are automatically reflected on all creatives that have been distributed via API. Live creatives are updated in real-time, without having to loop in design, pause campaigns, or redistribute creatives. 

What if I’m a growth marketer running A/B tests, and I want to make sure I am always applying the best-performing assets across creatives? 

You can make updates to your creatives whenever you need. Anyone on your team can log into the platform, and simply update the relevant template with the best-performing assets. The change will be reflected across all of your creatives, so that you are always applying insights and optimizing.


Playing and Testing in the (Creative) Sandbox


Celtra is truly a creative’s playground, which we will explore further in our next blog post on challenges and opportunities for designers. We’ve engineered a workspace that allows both teams to work and collaborate in order to remove any Content Gaps or communication gaps.

And once everyone is aligned and minimum content requirements are met, teams can start doing even more. Because the team now has the time and tools to quickly produce creative variants, marketers can extend their marketing plans to experiment with different creative concepts, promote more products, or more regularly refresh creatives within a campaign. Creative Automation gives marketers the power to scale their efforts across the board. 

So whether the strategy is to drastically broaden the scope of each campaign to customize creatives for more formats, channels, layouts, etc. or the goal is to run more campaigns and test different concepts,  Creative Automation is the answer. It’s the only way to produce content that is not limited by finite resources and tight deadlines.

Check out our video for a taste of what you can expect with Creative Automation. Once you’re ready to get started, send us a message at marketing@celtra.com.

Don’t forget to register for Creative Automation for Marketers on Thu, Dec 10 at 1 pm ET!

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