Creative Enablement: In a Nutshell

By Celtra

Celtra Ad Suite

Celtra’s Creative Enablement is a state-of-the-art, code-free ad builder for cutting-edge ad experiences. Our solution empowers media owners to drive reliable and scalable monetization strategies with premium ad solutions (and that’s putting it simply!). Creative Enablement is a real powerhouse, but for the love of all things streamlined and efficient, here it is- condensed in a nutshell. 

How it works

Celtra’s Creative Enablement is a comprehensive platform designed to both streamline and optimize the process of creating, managing, and delivering all your digital video and rich media advertising campaigns. With an array of powerful tools and features at hand, creative teams are able to produce high-quality, engaging ad content across various channels and devices to the delight of any media consumer. 

The benefits

Creative Enablement provides a super user-friendly interface and highly collaborative workflow, which means designers, AdOps, and customer-facing teams can work together with ease, creating and iterating efficiently and quickly across any department or stakeholder. With advanced analytics and real-time insights, you can also track and measure the performance of all your ad campaigns in real-time, so you can return triumphant with data-driven learnings, which will inform future decision-making and therefore secure the promise of continuous ad spend.

With a centralized ad production solution, your business is sure to save masses of time, as well as reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising efforts. Needless to say, this is an extremely valuable tool for creating impactful and engaging advertising campaigns in today’s fast-paced, dynamic digital landscape. 

Ready for the Creative Enablement experience?

Upgrade your inventory with loads of new ad products and features to see what best-in-class monetization can do for your bottom line.  Get the most out of your ad placements with premium products from Celtra’s Creative Enablement, or check out the Celtra Ad Library; a collection of pre-built premium units designed to help you get ad executions up and running right away while meeting advertisers’ KPIs.

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