Employee Spotlight: Emma Guilloux, Account Manager

By Celtra

Name: Emma Guilloux
Title: Account Manager
Location: London

What is your role and the role of the customer success team at Celtra?

I am an Account Manager (AM), and part of the Customer Success team in the London office. As Account Managers, our role is to understand the clients’ digital advertising needs and help them reach their goals/KPI’s by ensuring they leverage Celtra’s Creative Management Platform to its fullest potential.

Clients are assigned dedicated account managers who accompany them through every step, from onboarding to training, which we tailor for each client, based on their needs. AM’s also support campaign launches, conduct quarterly business reviews and collect client feedback to inform and influence future platform capabilities.

How is the Customer Success (CS) team organized globally?

The Customer Success team is split between Account Managers and Product Specialists. Product Specialists help designers get the most out of the platform. They’re responsible for training and managing the relationship with creative partners (see interview with Senior Product Specialist, Julio Vasquez, to learn more). Account Managers are responsible for managing the overall relationship with the client and their media partners/vendors.

The CS team is represented worldwide with offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Singapore, which means that we are able to provide around the clock support to our clients!

Can you describe the customer onboarding process?

The aim of the onboarding process is to help clients get the most out of our platform as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The first step is for AM’s to hold intro scoping meetings with the client to understand their needs, how their businesses are organized and where Celtra will fit in.

Based on our findings, we’ll set up training sessions with the main stakeholders which often begins with an introductory session where we walk them through all the different products and formats. Onboarding also includes training and sharing industry best practices with the creative teams on how to build assets. We also support the rollout of new, more collaborative and streamlined workflows enabled by the platform. Finally, we work closely with the client on the first few campaigns, making sure creatives and campaigns are set up and deployed correctly.

But AM’s support throughout the onboarding phase is just the beginning! We are always on hand to help and ensure the client is always getting the most out of our platform!

Employees mingle with clients at a special event held at Celtra’s London office

What do you like most about working with clients?

What I enjoy most is when I’m able to make a difference; whether it’s facilitating the client’s day-to-day work, helping them achieve their goals or providing solutions to difficult problems. For example, my client wanted to adopt Celtra in a new market. I helped them ramp up and adopt the platform very quickly, and within a few months, they were able to streamline their workflow, boost overall efficiencies and improve the quality of their creatives by leveraging products like Universal format and dynamic creatives. This allowed them to scale in ways that weren’t possible before, and they now run more campaigns than any other market in the region that I cover.

On a personal level, I have been traveling a lot in the past year, meeting face to face with clients. I really enjoyed that experience; meeting people from different cultures, learning about their ways of working and exploring new places.

When should a client contact you vs contacting support?

The client will contact AM’s when they have questions about their Celtra account in general: formats, capabilities, user management, discussing an upcoming campaign, request for training, etc.

Support will be contacted for questions such as build executions, custom coding queries, trafficking or discrepancy issues, feed related questions, troubleshooting live creatives, etc. They are also responsible for working on certifications for both publishers and suppliers and anything “technical.”

Employees and clients gather for a summer party at the rooftop of Celtra’s London office

What is it like working in the London office?

The London office is reflective of an amazing multicultural city. We are very lucky to have a lot of different nationalities in the office, which is prompting some interesting debates, such as “is it socially acceptable to drink cappuccinos after 11am?”

The London office is also a good representation of Celtra’s organization, with a lot of different departments in one place. We have Sales, Support, Product and Marketing all sitting in one office, which is quite helpful when you need help from another team!

We also have a pretty swanky office with its own rooftop in central London… What else do you want? 🙂

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