Employee Spotlight: Rok Ivanšek, Data Engineer

By Celtra

Name: Rok Ivanšek
Title: Data Engineer, Data Insights
Location: Ljubljana

1. What is your role at Celtra?

I work on the Data Insights team. When I started a little over a year ago, I mostly worked on the Customer Success side, pulling data, ensuring its accuracy and providing reports to help them support our clients better. One product that came out as a result of this cooperation was the AM Dashboard. It is an internal tool our Account Managers use on a daily basis. It gives a high level overview of important metrics for all of our clients, such as their volume, how they are pacing, essential contractual data and much more. More recently, I’ve been working on an internal billing project with Finance and Legal, and have another project on the horizon that I’m really excited about because it will take advantage of my math background; doing statistical analysis regarding ad engagements of dynamic creatives. As part of community work and office space contributions go, I could say my role is to provoke my coworkers and make them laugh. And also to annoy them by always turning up the heat, since I am constantly cold [laughs].

2. What is the role of Data Insights?

The main purpose of the team (as the name implies) is to investigate, find, and share insights on various aspects of the business and our product for different stakeholders at Celtra. This includes things like generating revenue reports for our COO and Customer Success directors, creating custom reports for our Account Managers to share with their clients, helping the Technical Support team solve issues by looking at different breakdowns of our platform data, helping engineering teams by parsing some low level data like events logs, and the list goes on. With that being said, to be able to provide these types of reports, we first had to establish clean and robust data pipelines; not an easy task. A nice side effect of this, however, was that people became aware of the importance of clean and properly managed data, and as a result, I believe we grew as a company and became much more data-centric. The last, but by far not the least is the research part. We have some brilliant people with strong academic backgrounds in our department with PhD and MSc degrees in computer science. We are working on different research projects, supporting different departments and driving some of the company’s key initiatives. Projects span from User Activity and Efficiency, Global to Local, impact of DCO on ad engagements and more.

3. What’s the most surprising data you’ve come across?

I guess you could say that when looking into a new data set that you haven’t seen before, lots of things can seem surprising. I can’t really think of anything that really stands out, though. However, one thing that has stuck in my mind is when, as an intern, I saw a campaign for Stranger Things, season 2, running through our platform. I thought that was really cool at the time, ‘cause I like that show a lot.

4. What is it like working in the Ljubljana office?

In one word, AWESOME. We are located in the city center which is very cool. The office is super nice and cozy and we are very well taken care off in terms of work equipment and workplace comfort. For instance, I just ordered a ball to sit on! But more than anything else, it’s all the people that I work with that make this place so amazing. Everybody is super-friendly, hardworking, fun and helpful. On top of that, we have two office managers, Ana and Mojca, who always keep up our spirits and constantly surprise us by organizing great events and ensure we have everything we need to be happy and productive.

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