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Get Ready for the Creative Automation Revolution

June 24, 2020 By Miha Mikek

Consumers have evolved. They’re on more screens. They’re more demanding. They turn to word-of-mouth and are critical of the content and ads they see.

If you’re a smart marketer, you know how consumers think about ads they didn’t ask to see and you try to avoid putting anything in front of people that might annoy them.

Indeed, the best brands now communicate with consumers in direct and honest ways. As a result, much of marketing has gotten quite a bit better. It’s taking new forms and becoming more authentic, conversational, agile, and more in tune with the unique demands of consumers.

Creating content for this fast-paced, two-way environment can get overwhelming, and fast. But the marketers’ enemy isn’t the always-on, ever-expanding digital landscape. It is the traditional creative production process that can’t keep up with the speed of content consumption.

Think about it.

Technology has disrupted every other aspect of marketing. There’s an explosion of new channels and sophisticated ways to manage the media buys and campaigns across them.

Yet, when it comes to creative, old-school, linear production processes reign supreme.

Marketers are stuck in the rat race of brief-debrief-production-local activation. If they want to scale, they need to spend more money and hire more people.

The gap between the resources marketers have and the content they need to succeed is too steep-and it keeps growing. They are spending budgets that are already strained or declining.

Teams are spread too thin. It’s too slow. It’s too expensive. It’s not sustainable.

Brands that are winning are doing things differently. They’re out-marketing everyone else by being faster and more personal at scale.

How do they make the magic happen?


Introducing New Software to Empower Marketers


Meet Celtra, a solution that powers brands like Spotify, Adidas, Yeti, and many more.

These brands embrace creative automation to meet today’s content demands. They’ve eliminated manual and repetitive tasks while enabling new levels of agility, responsiveness, and scale. With that, I am thrilled to share the successes our customers have seen since partnering with Celtra.

Celtra explodes your speed-to-market. Take it from Spotify:

“By introducing creative production automation to our workflows, Spotify has been able to produce and launch 4 times more content with twice as fast production cycles with our global summer campaign. This kind of scale would not be feasible with manual creation;” said Veda Partalo, VP, Premium Brand & Marketing at Spotify

Celtra multiplies adidas’ content volume without compromising on quality:

“Celtra let us turn our brand tool kits into flexible creative master templates that could be adapted into 100s of beautiful variants by local markets, saving us money and time per campaign, while maintaining quality and enabling personalization,” Marcus Cho, Global Lead, Consumer Engagement, Audience & Media Personalization, adidas


Celtra for Brands, Agencies, and Media

Celtra makes enterprise software solutions that help businesses stay creative at scale. We believe scaling marketing creativity is transformative – for businesses and for culture. So we’re transforming creative work – across people, data, and media. Our customers include organizations recognized as the most creative companies in the world, including adidas, NBCU, WarnerMedia, Unilever, Spotify, Shopify, and many more.

Today marks the next chapter in Celtra’s evolution. Creative Automation will be a game-changer for companies, and I could not be more excited to invite brands to join the ranks of the out-marketers we are proud to call customers today.

If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us today.


– Miha Mikek, CEO & Founder, Celtra

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