Getting Skins-Deep with My Code

By Nikki Gertner

Tereza Prepadnik

The year 2020 had us all plugged in more than ever before. Whether it was by signing up for a new TV streaming service or constantly scrolling through social media on our phones, we spent far more time in front of our screens. Some digital trends stuck around while others were quickly forgotten (remember face-aging filters?), but one thing that will continue is the demand for premium high-impact branding campaigns. 

At Celtra, we couldn’t help but draw a parallel between our state of constant connectivity and the longevity of this well-loved advertising format. During a recent webinar, we sat down with an expert on premium creative ad experiences, Leo Buyukgural, the Director of Creative Services & Digital Ad Production at My Code. We asked him why this format is here to stay, and what the benefits are for introducing Site Skins into your product lineup.

Here are some highlights from our conversation with Leo Buyukgural:

Give them something to talk about 

The big industry players like Google and Facebook are having a strong impact on site traffic, forcing publishers to follow new restrictions. As a result, alternative premium formats are needed to showcase a brand’s message without it getting lost in the site content.

Take advantage of your space 

The Site Skins’ format takes advantage of what is traditionally blank space on the site, without intruding on the site content itself. This is especially great for site takeovers and roadblocks because the full-page canvas helps to overcome banner blindness. Skins also help tell a great story when creating performance benchmarks for a suite of ad products. Site skins often see higher viewability, attention rates & CTRs compared to other ad formats. 

Use context to tell a richer story 

Brands want innovative solutions. For example, one of My Code’s entertainment clients was looking for a non-traditional way to increase awareness of their upcoming TV series. As part of the solution, they offered sponsored editorial content on My Code’s own operated site Generally speaking, it is easy for the branded content to get lost within editorial content. Thanks to Site Skins and a few other high-impact solutions, they were able to introduce the brand’s message smoothly without overly intruding on the content. This also improved the engagement within the article itself, since the branded content was introduced to the readers upfront so they were already familiar with it. 


Big thanks to Leo for sharing his insights! During our conversation, we also announced the launch of Celtra Site Skins. With this new product, you will be able to produce dazzling, un-intrusive ad experiences that flow seamlessly with page content. If you would like to hear the conversation with Leo in full, check out the recording here. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager, Celtra Support, or to

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