How Agencies Can Increase Agility and Collaboration

By Celtra

Min Heo

Agencies need to move at the speed of insight to produce creative content that sticks. Winning ideas are around every corner, but there is one major roadblock: team silos. Whether that’s with internal agency teams or with external partners, segmented work is slow. Media is often separated from creative, which means clients reach out to separate agencies to launch just one campaign. This multiplies the number of key stakeholders and poses a real challenge to cross-collaboration and efficiency. 

There is an opportunity here for agencies to work more effectively and create efficiency, but how? It’s time to rethink the process. Let’s dive in.  


Put the campaign in the driver’s seat

Whether it’s performance-driven or a detail-oriented design approach, campaigns are the very heart of agency work. To create more memorable work faster and build strategic value for clients, agencies need to make campaigns the organizing principle. By centralizing work around the campaign, all stakeholders can work together and build on the same foundation. That means deliverables can be turned around quickly and repackaged, while teams can work more effectively. Agencies can look to automation solutions that offer plenty of collaborative features to help centralize work around campaigns. 


Innovate production workflows

The production process doesn’t keep up with today’s industry needs. Some software and workflows have improved, but the work is still segmented. Teams must wait for others to finish one part of the production process before the next can get started, only for this cycle to keep repeating. Instead of continuing this outdated method of production, agencies can turn to technology that allows clients and other stakeholders to operate as one team. By shifting to cloud-based production, you’ll bring teams together to work collectively and achieve results faster than ever.  


Enable speed and connection with Creative Automation

With Celtra, agencies can maximize their team capacity and increase efficiency all in one platform. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect: 

  1. Unlock visibility: Now creative, production, and media teams have a shared look into both media and creative. This means more integrated conversations that lead to increased strategic work.  
  2. React to cultural moments: With manual production, brands can’t move quickly enough to produce relevant content when something big happens. Creative Automation allows for brands to act swiftly, produce content quickly, and adapt content in real-time so brands can react to cultural moments fast and stay top-of-mind.
  3. Cross-pollinate learnings: Having all teams connected in one centralized platform means insights can be shared easily amongst all stakeholders. This leads to more strategic conversations and a higher quality of work.  
  4. Say goodbye to client bottleneck: No more waiting hours (or even days) for client feedback and approvals. Collaborating in one space in real-time means that campaigns can keep their momentum and get out the door at lightning speed. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Celtra, check out this video or send us a note today!

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