How publishers are positioned to reimagine video advertising

By Celtra


by Patrick Candela, VP, Media Partnerships

Over the past few years, the Digital Content NewFronts conference has been the stage for the world's largest publishers to present and tout their newest digital video content. Each year, the industry debates the exact number of dollars spent by advertisers and agencies in comparison to the previous Upfronts conferences, but this year is different. According to IAB’s digital ad revenue report, 2017 will be the first time in history that digital advertising revenue will surpass TV!

Why the change?

As consumer attention continually shifts to mobile and younger generations cord cut and prefer a night of “Netflix & Chill” over cable TV, advertisers must redirect their messaging to attract new prospective customers. But even as we shift the paradigm from TV content to digital, the industry must reimagine how to optimally present a brand’s message. While it’s clear video is a core asset for brands to communicate their message effectively to customers, the model is being challenged in this new world of distributed content across Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, apps and websites.

But who can better help brands navigate than those who know consumers' interests, mindset, and emotions best? Why, the kings of content themselves: publishers. While publishers are embracing new forms of content in their highly coveted brand-safe environments, from short form to experiential and 360 to streaming, the function remains the same – to grow engaged audiences.

From architecture to advertising, if 'form follows function', then advertisers must also be willing to change their creative strategy. Now is the time for brands to truly adapt their video messaging, content and presentation to consumers for the digital world. 2017 is an exciting year for publishers. It's more important now than ever that publishers guide brands with new video formats, new brand experiences, and tailor advertising content. Newfronts events are a great reminder that advertising, too, must seamlessly travel across various user experiences and flow wherever content is consumed.

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