How To Make Fashion Campaigns Interesting at Scale

By Celtra

Min Heo

The fashion industry is soaring. In 2020, the global apparel market was worth $1.5 trillion and is expected to grow to $2.25 trillion by 2025. This industry explosion is great news for fashion-lovers everywhere, but it brings new challenges for marketers to the surface. How can you differentiate from new fashion brands? How do you continue growing your audience and keep them engaged? We’ll cover all of that and more as we dive into how fashion brands can keep up in today’s market and create more interesting campaigns at scale. 


Maximize creative assets

Fashion campaigns are known for being exceptionally creative and high-quality. From endless product shots to lifestyle photoshoot assets, these brands have plenty of room to play around with creativity. However, there is a missed opportunity here if you don’t plan for modularity and creative refreshes already before you shoot the content. The majority of shoppers (66%) find creative assets (ads, promotions, social posts, etc.) from brands to be repetitive. Fashion brands are simply not using their extensive asset libraries to their full potential. To avoid the dreaded ad fatigue and minimize consumer frustration, creative refreshes are crucial for maintaining a strong shopper-brand relationship.   


Personalization: the ultimate statement piece

Creative content made for generic personas is just that: generic. Fashion brands can elevate their digital campaign assets through personalization because shoppers want to be known by brands. More than half of consumers (56%) find creative assets from brands irrelevant to their likes and interests. Instead, fashion brands can focus on creating personalized content that resonates with shoppers and ultimately helps brands stand out from the rest. An easy way for designers to create personalized content without the laborious tasks of versioning is by integrating automation into their workflows. That way, they can produce high volumes of creative content at speed without having to slowly update files one-by-one. 

How will the growing privacy laws affect personalization? Third-party tracking will be shaken up by the next iOS 14 update that will ask users for permission before apps can use their unique Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Although users may opt-in, marketers need to get creative on their personalization strategy and utilize CRM marketing and 1st party data. For example, brands can send CRM emails and SMS to users based on how they behave on the site while logged in. That way, marketers can continue to learn about their consumers and produce creative assets that are relevant and personalized for every shopper.  


Testing for innovation 

Tap into the mind of the market with creative testing. With growing SKU lists and widening asset libraries, fashion brands have the opportunity to find out what works and innovate from there. There are a variety of ways to test creative, from your classic A/B to multivariate testing. Whether you’re a large brand with cult-favorite products available in multiple colors or maybe a smaller brand with a limited range of SKUs, you can still use testing to maximize your campaigns. Instead of only testing different product shots and CTAs, these brands can build visually rich design experiences and run them against each other. By introducing animation and other creative features, designers can craft unique on-brand creative assets to trial in the market. Not only does this mitigate the risk of producing bleak digital ads, but it allows designers to do what they do best: run with creativity. The biggest challenge when it comes to testing is finding a workflow that doesn’t eat up designers’ time. That’s why they need an automated solution that does the tedious work for them. 

One solution is Creative Automation. Our software makes it easy to scale campaigns and produce the creative variety needed to keep up with today’s market. By separating content from design in feeds, teams can edit headlines and swap out assets for new product shots or lifestyle images in seconds. This means that any team member can update creative without ever having to open a design file. Create every personalized or test version desired while increasing your speed-to-market by 2x. If you’re interested in learning more, then check out this video or get in touch with us today! 

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