Hurricane Relief

By Celtra


Dear Celtra Partners, Clients, and Friends:

The recent hurricanes that have wreaked havoc across the United States and the Caribbean Islands have left in their paths a trail of devastation and, with that, countless people who need our help. Some have lost their homes and communities, and some are still without basic necessities. The full extent of the damage is only just being realized.

Celtra, through its partnership with VIEWS and in coordination with Virgin Unite, has rallied its customers, partners, and friends to raise money for communities in dire need throughout the Caribbean. These are small, rural communities that lack access to mainland resources. If you would like to aid this effort, please donate directly via Virgin Unite.

Below are additional charitable organizations that are working on the ground to assist the efforts of recovery from Irma and Harvey. If you would like to support this recovery, please donate.

Our thoughts are with those affected.

  • Red Cross. Click the dropdown menu to choose where you’d like your aid to be sent (Irma victims, Harvey victims, general disaster relief, etc.).
  • To donate $10 to the Red Cross via text, send a text message saying "REDCROSS" to the number 90999.
  • Unicef. Efforts of Unicef are being focused on helping school-aged children affected by the disasters.
  • Texas Diaper Bank. This organization is working to get supplies to evacuating families with young children.
  • ASPCA. Donations to the ASPCA focus on life-saving efforts for animals in disaster.

*Donations made directly through Celtra are not tax deductible and will not receive a tax deductible receipt. Only donations made directly to valid U.S. registered 501(c)(3) charitable organizations may be eligible for donors to claim as a tax deduction.

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