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Creative Insights Report: Third Edition

Great news for all those who thrive off industry benchmarks and hard numbers… the latest Celtra Creative Insights Report is finally here! Take a deep dive into our data analysis of how the biggest players in the media industry are combining creative experience with advertiser content to enhance inventory and drive performance. Why take the plunge? Well, our insights provide all the best practices you need for successful display and rich media campaigns. We’ve compiled all you need to know about which types of experiences work best for certain industries and how they gain value in performance. What’s more, we’ve summarized all the top trends to serve you a bite-sized breakdown of which creative experiences will serve advertisers best in 2023. You’re welcome!

…And action! Video is once again a top performer

This should come as no surprise, but once again, video in advertising is a big driver of success. Streaming video content is more in-demand than it’s ever been, and the ads built in our platform reflect this trend. Overall, the Video Circulation ad product family, which does the job of getting more views on video assets, had the best CTR (0.93%) of all ad products. Must have something to do with the fact that more people are streaming video content than ever before…

This was clear from the ground-breaking performance of our Universal Video format, an in-stream format which runs in VAST video players, which had the highest CTR of all Celtra formats (1.29%). In fact, so good was its performance that we can only applaud the retail and ecom advertisers that lept on the opportunity to incorporate it into their ad product suites. Our report shows that Instream video click-through rates did 150% better than inline video (which is video trafficked into a display placement) for the retail & ecommerce vertical. What a performance! 

Win attention with Gamification!

The Gamified ad product family, which drives interactions via playable experiences, had the longest average exposure time (25.3 seconds) of all ad products. No magic tricks here- just the simple fact that games require the viewer to fully immerse themselves into the experience. This immersion, paired with entertainment and attention, buys time. You know the feeling- your commute home goes a lot quicker when you’ve got games on your phone. Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun!

An interesting statistic we found was that gamified ads had the longest exposure time of all, (108 secs) for the Health & Pharmacy vertical. The rising interest in practising wellness, like meditation exercises and memory games, could explain why we saw a rise in gamification for this vertical. Everyone loves a game, so why not turn wellness into one?

Not all CPGs are created equally…

For this report, we decided to break out the CPG vertical into two separate verticals: edible CPG (food, beverages, etc.) and non-edible CPG (beauty products, paper goods, etc.). Although these are both technically CPG, they advertise different types of products and we wanted to see how performance would differ by categorizing them separately. In doing so, we noticed that edible CPG had twice the number of creatives and impressions than non-edible CPG. This is likely due to a couple of key factors:

  • Firstly, edible CPG tends to be more seasonal. Different types of foods and flavors peak at different times throughout the year and as a result, there are more creative variants and/or products being advertised…(We’re looking at you Pumpkin Spice!)
  • Secondly, food and beverages are usually consumed faster than non-edible CPG (ex. makeup or toilet paper). This means consumers are buying edible CPG more often than non-edible CPG, which leads to advertisers promoting edible CPG products more often.

Overall, Edible gets the podium finish, coming in first place with 77% better ER, 37% better CTR, and 21% better VCR. It’s true, food does a lot for bringing people together in celebration (or indeed comfort), and plays a functional and emotional role in our every day, three times a day. It’s no wonder Edible CPG comes first place… Bon appétit!

If you want to feast your eyes on more tasty industry stats, Download the full report

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