Introducing The Only Truly Creative Social Display Product

By Celtra

Aart-Jan Venema

As a publisher or media owner, you know that brands invest millions in producing beautiful, high-quality creative for social media channels. It takes a lot of time, craft, and effort to create thumb-stopping assets that, unfortunately, have a rather short lifespan on social media. Once the campaign is over or when the audience has seen the creative several times, brands are quick to retire the assets in question.

With the pandemic, we’ve seen the need for creative content explode as audiences spend more time online and marketers need to reach them to drive e-commerce revenue. Production budgets have not risen to meet the new content demands, and advertisers need to get smart about how they repurpose, templatize, and recycle existing creative.

Today, Celtra is excited to start offering Social Display in our software. Staying true to our creative-first approach, we’ve put our own spin on Social Display: Celtra is currently the only software in the market that powers publishers with full creative freedom to make their Social Display stand out as a truly premium ad product.

How Celtra’s Social Display is different

Celtra for Media empowers media owners and operators worldwide to monetize inventory with standard IAB, interactive, video-first, shippable, and high-impact experiences. Now, Celtra is introducing a new way to create truly premium ad products that distribute social content across trusted display channels.

Our software allows media owners and operators to hold Social Display ad products to the same creative high standards as their other ad products. We took inspiration from the popular animated effects and interactive components our publisher customers use today, and incorporated the same features into our Social Display product. We believe that great design tools should be accessible to everyone. So, instead of offering rigid or simplistic templates, we deployed over 30 flexible and creative Social Display templates publishers can get started with and build upon. Customize a little or customize a lot, it’s up to you!

Taking the pain away from Social Display production

Before Celtra, re-formatting social content for display channels was a time-consuming and costly task. Once Publishers had lifted the assets from an existing social post, additional software was needed to outfit these assets into a new, display-friendly design. This process often included cropping images and adjusting text manually in offline design tools like Photoshop, which requires skill and prior experience.

With Social Display by Celtra, publisher-side stakeholders don’t even need design experience to produce advertiser campaigns. Our software now comes with pre-designed Social Display templates that can be modified as needed. Anyone from account managers to sales team members can easily create the ad with just a few clicks.

Why choose Celtra as your Social Display partner?

  • Transform existing social media content into display banners that look and feel like social posts but are enhanced with all the creative capabilities of Rich Media with little to no production effort.
  • Start running Social Display in an instant: the software comes with pre-built, premium templates that can be populated even by non-designers
  • Dramatically reduce production effort: repurposing existing content means assets do not have to be modified to fit new specs which simplifies the review and approval process. 
  • Save time: use templates to quickly produce all the Social Display assets needed. 
  • Never start from scratch with new campaigns: easily activate new Social Display campaigns by re-using your templates over and over.
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of production, trafficking, and analytics) of an entire ad product suite in one place, including Shoppable, High-Impact, Video and Social Display ad products.

How to get started? Send us a note or talk to your Customer Success Manager if you’re already a Celtra customer.

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