Meet Our New Ads: Created in Celtra, by Celtra, for Celtra

By Celtra

Illustration: Cynthia Kittler

By now, you’ve probably seen our new look. It is bold, playful, and most importantly, has the ability to inspire designers and marketers alike. In fact, it inspired us to update our campaign assets and do that by tapping into automation. 

For the last ten years, Celtra has focused on enabling creativity for digital advertising. We made it our mission to find solutions for the challenges that marketers, creative teams, and agencies face every day. After months of collaborating on Celtra’s rebrand with design studio Ljudje and Nejc Prah, we decided that it was time for us to reimagine our digital advertising as well. 

So, we leveled up. Just like our clients, all of our digital ads are now built in Celtra. Here’s how we did it. 


Creative Brief

First, we kicked things off with our in-house studio team. This is Celtra’s first toolkit that we built entirely in Celtra’s Creative Automation software, so there were many considerations for our studio team to take into account. Once we received all of our creative assets for the rebrand from Ljudje, our team began to brainstorm how we would translate Celtra’s new look into our ads. The ads would need to be dynamic, scalable, and most importantly, showcase our high-quality creative.


From there, we identified the 19 different formats needed for our static and video digital ads that would be used for both display and social. We created a variety of different copy variations for them that not only showcased our brand voice, but covered a wide range of thematics from event promotion to brand awareness. 



With all of our assets ready to go, there was only one thing left to do: scale. After our studio team created our video files in AfterEffects, it was time to scale them to various sizes and formats with Celtra. There are two main parts of our software, which include templates and the feed. Our team started by creating the different templates that we would need. These templates house the different design layouts needed per design, which simplifies the overall production management process. 

Once the templates were complete, it was time to load the feed. Here is where we organized all of our different headlines, CTAs, and creative assets. The great thing about Celtra’s feeds is that they make it so simple to make quick changes to messaging or swap creative assets without ever having to open up a design file. This means anyone on our team can make last-minute revisions, not just our designers. After the feed was finalized, we connected it to the templates and…voilà. Our toolkit was complete in minutes.       


Review and Launch 

With our toolkit finalized, it was time for review. Our Marketing team was able to effortlessly review creative directly in the platform because of Celtra’s seamless layout.  After the creative was approved, our team prepared the assets for going live. We integrated Celtra with our paid accounts to push creative directly into campaigns. Thanks to the Marketing team’s commitment to diligence and organization, Celtra’s rebranded ads were scheduled to go live right on time. Bursting with playful creativity and surprise, our new digital ads launched with the full Celtra rebrand on December 3, 2020.


If you’d like to learn more about using Celtra to scale your own digital advertising campaigns, then get in touch with us today.

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