MOBKOI Delivers Innovative Mobile Creative to Luxury Clientele with Celtra’s Creative Management Platform

By Celtra


This week, we sat down with Quentin Le Pape, CEO & Founder of MOBKOI to learn more about their business and how they utilize Celtra’s Creative Management Platform.

This week, we sat down with Quentin Le Pape, CEO & Founder of MOBKOI to learn more about their business and how they utilize Celtra’s Creative Management Platform.

Quentin Le Pape
CEO and Founder, Mobkoi

Celtra: So, tell us about MOBKOI

Quentin: MOBKOI is 3 years old and we’re a technology enabler for our clients, with mobile at the heart of what we do. We like to call ourselves a premium mobile marketing company, as we’re not a media agency or creative agency.

We have 30 employees, spread across 3 different markets, including Paris, Frankfurt and London, and we’ll be opening offices in the US and APAC region next year. Our target customer is in the luxury sector for every vertical.

Celtra: What services do you provide?

Quentin: We provide 3 different services to luxury brands – creative, media and analytics. What makes us unique is our bespoke approach to every campaign. We build mockups and always suggest different user experiences based on our client’s KPIs. Similarly we let them cherry pick sites and apps. Finally our reporting is 100% transparent providing granular insights and brand safety.

Simply put, we encompass the creative build and the reporting combined with an old-fashioned way of buying media, with some of our 650 direct relationships to premium luxury publishers, including The Financial Times, Vogue and Reuters.

And something we always begin with is educating clients around the importance of effective creative. Before they even choose their media partner, the creative must be the best it can be. And as such, the Celtra platform is essential to this process.

Celtra: What challenges have you faced?

Quentin: When we started the company, we used a different creative platform and it was a struggle as the platform was not intuitive. We found it to be quite old fashioned from the way the platform was designed to how they cut a simple ad. It was also very inflexible in terms of customer service. It impacted the entire business, so something had to be done.

After 6 months, we made the decision to switch to Celtra. Celtra was highly recommended in the industry for very good customer service, and the team’s quick response and training programs were a big pull for us.

However, what really convinced us that Celtra was the right platform for us, was Celtra’s focus on mobile first technology. We tried a lot of other technology providers but Celtra stood out as the best and easiest to use, and the most adept to mobile. Being a mobile company ourselves, it was essential to us.

Celtra: What are your goals?

Quentin: We want to deliver the most innovative creative and user experiences in mobile advertising for our clients and partnering with Celtra allows us to do just that. Celtra enables clients like us, not just with pre-made templates, but with staff that act as support to show us how to maximize the creative.

We are always trying to give our clients options that best suit their needs, and marketing assets that are consistently effective, stylish and impressive. And realistically we’d need access to frames that work both in rich media, video and display. Celtra’s editing in the platform enables us to manage creative and to cut and edit where we can to ensure a consistent brand story is maintained throughout all the creative frames.

As you can imagine, we’ve found that our luxury clients want the highest quality and to stay on trend. The innovative formats help us stay in fashion with our clients.

Celtra: What tech has your team implemented?

Quentin: MOBKOI uses Celtra for every ad impression we sell; there isn’t a feature or format we haven’t used!

  1. Video capabilities – we do a lot of vertical video, use the editing tool and we love the interscroller
  2. Second biggest thing we leverage is Rich Media
  3. Third, as you can see with GE, we came up with an interactive UX which relates to the video content itself, driving incredible engagement in View Through Rate – media first for the clients and ourselves

Celtra: What are the major benefits of using Celtra’s platform?

Quentin: Celtra allows us to outsource the technology and research, so every month we receive regular expertise, innovation in tech and research which benefits both ourselves and our clients. It’s the level of regular innovation that enables us to achieve tremendous growth.

And the business has benefitted since we started using Celtra’s Creative Management Platform, we were very proud to announce earlier this year that we’ve seen an exponential growth of 300% YoY since I opened MOBKOI with my brother three years ago. Celtra supported our business throughout to help us succeed.

Celtra: What have you learned in the process of using Celtra?

Quentin: We learned about the power of using multiple formats to curate a perfect campaign. With the platform’s expansive selection of formats available, it means we can prepare several and just unplug the ones that aren’t performing as well as others, optimizing efforts to the formats that are speaking to the brands customers.

Very different formats will work from one month to another, so it’s important we utilize all the formats available, and that we’re not seen as an ad network with one format. For example, an MPU on Financial Times will have a better CTR than an interstitial anywhere else, which is incredible because an MPU is a tiny format, but we always try to have that multi format strategy to start with.

Celtra: Thank you Quentin for sharing your experience with Celtra!

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